Saturday 24 December 2016

The Cuddly Demos

Now, here is a Christmas present for you guys!
Thanks to a great deal of work by Ayoros, Frutbunn, DYNO, New Core, and myself, I'd like to present you THE CUDDLY DEMOS, remade in CODEF!
We've tried to make this as good a remake as we can, and the guys have done some amazing screens, I hope you like this, and enjoy this CODEF-based "hat-tip of respect" to The Carebears! :-)
P.S. I'd also like to send out a quick thanks to AWSM for the awesome SC1224 Monitor overlay he made!
P.P.S. A few issues to be aware of:
1) EDGE does not seem to like some of the formatting of images on a couple of the screens.
2) Firefox has a couple of minor issues with some of the images not being "crisp" enough compared to Chrome.
3) On the iPhone, the SC1224 overlay was causing some issues - although I believe this is now fixed.
4) On the Knucklebuster screen, the digi-routine in the SC68 player does not react to EQ events, so the EQ routine has been "fudged" using some randomisation effects.
5) March 2018 - A new and improved "Hidden" Credits screen has been added, which was written by Frutbunn, and is pretty damn cool! :-)

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Datastorm 2017 Invitro for Up Rough

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Allow me to present my latest production for Up Rough! This is an "invitro" for Datastorm 2017! This cool event is taking place in February 2017 in Gothenburg Sweden, with more information available at 

Spot from Up Rough contacted me recently, and asked me to make up something by way of an "invitro" and suggested a rework of the old classic Dungeon Master cracktro by World of Wonders from the Amiga, so we spent a few hours brainstorming, and making code and GFX etc., and here is the result!

I hope you like it, and the credits and greets etc. can all be found in the scrolltext within!

Thursday 13 October 2016

Lethal Xcess +4 Trainer by Awesome (Amiga)

Fancied a quick CODEF fix tonight to take my mind off some shit, so here's tonights' 30 minute remake!

This is the Lethal Xcess +4 Trainer by Awesome from the Amiga!

Nice and simple, clean and effective, with a cool tune.

Enjoy! :-)

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Megabang 2 - The Sequel by The Lost Boys on the Atari ST

I fancied a return to the Atari ST remakes today, so let me present The Megabang 2 - The Sequel Demo by The Lost Boys!

I remember this demo being launched at an Atari ST Show I went to at Alexandra Palace in North London back in sometime around 1990 - and I always thought it was cool - so seemed a good choice for a remake!

Hopefully you'll agree!

Monday 19 September 2016

Zombie Pacman

...and for my latest CODEF screen, here is my homage to the ultra-cool Zombie Pacman by Scoopex and Tolou on the Amiga, released at the High Coast Hack Summer 2016.

A cool screen, which has some great music - with a neat little twist on the Classic PacMan theme, and some nice GFX... overall, it was a pleasure to try to remake in CODEF!


SSL Certification

Just a quick update to let you know that my CODEF website now has SSL certification. 
It won't make a lot of difference to about 99% of the stuff on on here, but every now and again something crops up (like accessing a webcam) that requires SSL. 

In the past I just uploaded those files on my Dropbox, and shared a public link - however as of this month Dropbox are not allowing these files to be accessed any longer, so I guessed it was time for my own SSL certificate, so now I have one!

You can test it out here at my "Webcam Cube" demo!

Saturday 10 September 2016


After almost two months without posting anything much on here, I thought I really ought to make a new screen, and an original one for a change!

I used some "ideas" from some old ST screens, and a variation of my favourite effect (plasma) with a kick-ass Drum n Bass tune by Muffler & Xhale to make.... The Plasmaballs Screen!!

Then I chucked in a randomised plasma distortion, and timed a colour fluctuation to the EQ.... all in all, I love it - but then I'm biased! :-)

I hope you like it too!

Friday 15 July 2016

Unreleased 4k Intro by Exo7 for the Atari ST

Another quick CODEF remake for tonight.... and a screen made by one of my CODEF colleagues, DYNO.... this is his 1990s 4k intro from the Atari ST, as part of EXO7!

A really nice screen, and very clever effects for a 4k ST demoscreen!

Enjoy this browser remake! :-)

FlipIt intro by Black Monks from the Amiga

On the prowl for another suitable intro for a quick CODEF fix, I came across this intro by the Black Monks on the Amiga for FlipIt!

No music (sorry folks! - but got to be authentic!) but some cool 3D bobs and line vectors!


Tuesday 12 July 2016

Ottifanten by Thrust!

Who remembers this Amiga classic?? Ottifanten by Thrust! An awesome screen I remembered from my Amiga days.... I started to make a CODEF version, and then I got lazy, and left it for a few months, and when my NAS died - I lost it all :-(

Then I found that M9 had made an HTML5 version, so I "borrowed" his code calculations (don't worry, it IS fully credited in my HTML page) - and tweaked and changed it to work with the CODEF framework, with the correct screen dimensions, and here you go...

... a way to enjoy Ottifanten by Thrust on your browser!

Kefrens' A Cool Little Intro on the Amiga

I found this "cool little intro" on the Amiga, by Kefrens... and what do you know, it's called "Cool Little Intro"!

A quick remake for you to enjoy!

Monday 11 July 2016

Back 2 Basics 5 by Insane on the Amiga

In search of another suitable "victim" for a CODEF remake last night, I found this this cool Amiga intro by Insane, from the Edison 2016 Party.

Some really nice graphics, and retro tune, with some cool text effects again, so I set to work! About 3 hours later, and it was done - hope you like it!

Friday 8 July 2016

Global Domination cracktro by TRSI on the Amiga

Fancied a quick CODEF remake fix tonight, after a day painting and decorating at home, and found this cool TRSI cracktro... with some nice text dissolve effects, and colours on the logo.... here it is! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday 5 July 2016

The Synth V demo from the Atari ST by ACC and Digital Insanity

The ST legend himself, Richard Karsmakers has asked me to remake another old classic ST NEWS era demoscreen, so how could I refuse?

This is the Synth Sample V screen by ACC and Digital Insanity.

Nice graphics, a mentally long scrolltext and some nice SC68 tunes - enjoy!

Monday 4 July 2016

Age We Aceeed - C64 awesomeness!

Recently saw this newly released Commodore 64 Music screen, and was blown away by the amazing .SID soundtrack - so I had to quickly make a CODEF HTML5 version.
No animation, or fancy GFX - just a really nice still pic, and brilliant .SID tune by Oxyron. 

Enjoy this SID awesomeness!! :-)

Monday 27 June 2016

ST NEWS Magazine

A few months ago, Richard Karsmakers, the man behind the legendary ST NEWS Disk Magazine, contacted me asking me to help out with remaking some of the demoscreens and scrolling messages from the original volumes. I was only too happy to help out. 
Richard has been further helped out by DYNO who has also made several screens for this great project.
Please see below the various screens, and suite of scrollers I have made! :-)

ST NEWS Volume 4.3 MONOCHROME Screen
(The above link also has a WEBGL shader effect of an Atari SM124 Mono Monitor overlay!)

ST NEWS Various Scrolltext / Music Screens
There are about 10 or 12 of these, an example of one is below...

ST NEWS Volume 4.1

ST NEWS Volume 3.7

ST NEWS Volume 4.4 Digi-Routine

ST NEWS Volume 4.2

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Pandora cracktro by Dexion from the C64

Yesterday I saw this cool C64 intro, with some great SID music - and it was so good in fact, I thought I'd better do a CODEF version of it, so I did!

Some nice fluid swinging moves, especially on the rasters within the main logo, and nice raster effects on the text, plus a kick-ass tune to boot! Enjoy!

Monday 20 June 2016

Ghosts N' Goblins Amiga cracktro by Defjam

Needed a quick CODEF fix yesterday, so found a nice little cracktro by DEFJAM for Ghosts N' Goblins, it had a cool tune, and a nice text effect/font and colour table... so here it is!

As always, Enjoy! :-)

Thursday 2 June 2016

Wild Guns SNES cracktro by TRSI remake

I wanted to do another quick remake, and perhaps choose something a little different.... so I found this quick cracktro by TRSI from the SNES for Wild Guns! Seeing as I havn't done a SNES remake yet, it seemed a good choice - nothing too challenging, just some nice music and colours on the logo! As always, enjoy!

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Spiderman Dreamcast cracktro by Echelon

Back to the Sega Dreamcast for my next remake fix! :-)

This screen has been kicking around for a few months, mainly because I couldn't get the scrolltext effect to work correctly...

In the end, I binned the idea I had using a "pre-made script", and after speaking with Antoine "NoNameNo" Santo (AKA The CODEF Master), wrote a bespoke routine to process the scrolltext, which gave me the effect I wanted.

.XM replay came courtesy of Jurgen Wothke, and graphics ripped from a ROM dump of the original crack!

Enjoy this cool cracktro!

Monday 30 May 2016

Atari ST Pompey Packer Decrunch .JS lib for CODEF

Good afternoon! I had a flash of inspiration this afternoon, so spent about 45 minutes making this little gem of an item for you ST fans out there (excuse the crap joke there)!!

This is a CODEF add-in library which allows you to call a Pompey Packer v1.9 decrunch effect!

EDIT: I have added a new parameter, so you can choose a white on black screen, or a black on white (as per the picture above).

myPPDecrunch = new PPDecrunch(150,500,1);

The 150 as above is the delay before the decrunch starts
The 500 as above is how long the decrunch lasts for
The 1 is for a WHITE on black decrunch - change to a 0 for BLACK on white decrunch.

A simple little test to show you how to use it is below... Enjoy!

Friday 27 May 2016

Laxity intro for Honey Bee +6 from the C64! (Released today!)

I saw this cool intro on Facebook this morning, and it had only been released that day - it was so good - I did a CODEF version THE SAME DAY!! :-)

Cool music, and nice clean look! Enjoy!

Monday 23 May 2016

Bros Intro from the Commodore 64

Over the weekend I saw this great intro on the C64 that I hadn't seen before - with a nice bunch of FLD movements!

I thought it was deserving of a CODEF remake, so I set to work.... and here it is.

The intro code has been used for a number of cracks, so it's quite possible you may have seen this in one form or another.

Hope you enjoy this CODEF remake in HTML5 :-)

Saturday 7 May 2016

Batman3 Cracktro from Amstrad CPC464 by TB Crackers

Now that we have an Amstrad CPC464 music player for its' .AY tunes for HTML5/CODEF, it seemed only appropriate to do a CODEF remake of a CPC cracktro!

One of the guys on the Facebook CODEF Group suggested TB Crackers, so I thought "why not?"....

Then I found this cracktro for BATMAN3, which had been already made for canvas by '
cYB0rG / XTR'. 

I "borrowed" a large chunk of his code, resized it, reworking it for CODEF, and then added in the SpectreZX code by Jurgen Wothke, to give authentic playback (the original used an .mp3) - some optimisation, and a few other tweaks, and this screen came together!

Enjoy the first Amstrad cracktro in CODEF (as far as I am aware!)....

P.S. Due to an issue with Firefox not supporting the sound correctly, I have added a detector event which will load an MP3 for FF users, so they can hear the music correctly!

P.P.S. I have just added iOS sound support for this as well - seeing as I'm using an MP3 for the reasons above!

Friday 6 May 2016

Amstrad CPC 464 Music Playback with CODEF!

Once again, by using the various Jurgen Wothke webaudio players, and some playing around with his code, here is a simple script showing the playback of Amstrad CPC 464 music files using CODEF and HTML5!

This is because his code for SpectreZX also supports the whole chipset family, which includes other Yamaha AY chips.... such as the one used in the Amstrad!

Here is a simple screen, using SPACE to select songs..... be warned, the main script file is VERY large, so there will be a delay before audio playback starts. Enjoy!

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Nintendo Gameboy music player

Using the same code as the SNES player, it also plays Gameboy .GBS music files as well! :-)

(This one is playing the main theme from Bomb Jack on the GB!)

SNES Audio Player with CODEF!

Thanks to Jurgen Wothke, and his reworking of the .SPC music player for Super Nintendo, I was able to get it to run in CODEF......

Let the SNES Cracktro remakes begin....!!

Thursday 21 April 2016

My NAS is dead

Sadly the inevitable has happened, and my NAS drive which contains all of my CODEF stuff has died.....
Luckily all of my completed screens and master scripts are on my webserver, but all of the incomplete stuff (several screens) and test area (trying out new effects etc) has all gone :-(

I hope the have the NAS repaired and back up by the weekend, but sadly lots of stuff is lost - so it may be a while before my next screen hits.

I hope to be bringing you a new screen soon!

Monday 18 April 2016

California Pro Golf cracktro by The Beastie Boys on the C64

I fancied doing another C64 cracktro, so this weekend I found a good example, with a fantastic .SID tune that I thought could do with some CODEF treatment! :-)

This is the California Pro Golf cracktro as brought to you by The Beastie Boys - some nice GFX and an awesome version of the Pet Shop Boys 'Always on my Mind' as a soundtrack!

I hope you like it!

Thursday 14 April 2016

Army Moves Cracktro by The Blade Runners - Atari ST

It's been a few weeks since my last screen - been a bit busy at work, but tonight some light relief in the shape of an old-old-school screen by The Blade Runners on the ST! The Army Moves cracktro!

I hope you like it - the only "error" is the fact that I couldn't find the correct music, so I used the music from another BR cracktro from the same era! (If anyone knows the correct music, please let me know so I can correct it!)


Monday 21 March 2016 is down

Sad days folks, my good friend Antoine 'NoNameNo' Santo had has his domain hacked and stolen. Which means his website which hosts all the greatest CODEF screens is no longer accessible. :-(

Until further notice, please use instead! :-)

As soon as any further updates on this are available, I will post updates here - also @alonetrio is Antoines' Twitter handle, which he will of course update as required.

UPDATE: It looks as thought the domain is BACK in Antoines' hands! He has just posted THIS...

Friday 18 March 2016

Legacy of Kain Dreamcast Cracktro by Paradox!

After my 4 week break from CODEF, here is another screen... and back to the Dreamcast for another Cracktro this time!

Paradox's Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver.... remade in CODEF for you to enjoy!

B17 Flying Fortress Cracktro by PSI from the Amiga!

After a few weeks away from CODEF - lots of things going on, busy at work etc., I'm back and return with a quick cracktro from the Amiga!

B17 Flying Fortress as brought to you by PSI - Plasma Shadow Inc.

A cool screen, nice text effect, and some mellow music to enjoy - although very old school Soundtracker!! :-)


Wednesday 17 February 2016

Amiga Workbench 2.0x Shell Decruncher Library

I decided to make a new Amiga Decrunch library today, to show off another alternative rather than just Workbench 1.3 & Workbench 3.1. So using the old ones as a base, I made a new alternative to choose from, based on Workbench 2.0x (as used on the Amiga A600).

There's only one decrunch type to choose from, but with a variable parameter for the amount of time the decrunch runs for.

1) Plain Shell, and then colour bars decrunching (shell disappears)

The library is available (or can be linked to) at

The sample screen HERE shows how it works, and obviously feel free to use it if you like it!

P.S. A fix is now in place for Firefox users! ;-)

Friday 12 February 2016

Skies of Arcadia Cracktro-Trainer by Echelon (Dreamcast)

I'd just finished the first Echelon remake, then I found this one, so I thought I might as well do this one too! :-)

This is the Cracktro/Trainer for Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast, brought by Echelon!

Check out the CODEF remake here...

Echelon Dreamcast Cracktro for Sega Tennis 2K2

I saw this cool intro on Youtube the other day, for a cracktro on the Dreamcast console!
It was by Echelon and for Tennis 2K2 (which I assume is Sega Tennis 2002)!

It featured a really cool jelly cube effect. and a few other nice touches, so I thought as I hadn't done a console cracktro remake for an age, it was time for another one! :-)

There are a few things which are not 100% correct - mainly because I could not get a Dreamcast emulator to work correctly, and boot the file with the cracktro on it!

So, more of a homage than a remake, but nonetheless, here it is!

Monday 1 February 2016

TCB DigiRoutine screen from The Cuddly Demos (Atari ST) Remake

On the hunt for another TCB screen to remake in CODEF, I came across this one, which although uses a large sample (in MP3 format), has some cool effects, so tonight I made this....

Luckily not much GFX ripping required, as most of the elements I already had, so a few lines of code later, here is the TCB Digi screen from The Cuddly Demos (from the Atari ST of course)!

Friday 29 January 2016

TCB SNYD2 SCREEN re-remake!

I have reworked my old TCB screen from the Swedish New Year Demo 2, to include some more accurate sprite movement, more accurate starfields, the correct original scrolltext and also changed the scroller to the correct type - previously I had used a twist scroller instead!

Then just to enhance it further, I've used Frutbunns' CRT shader, with AWSMs SC1224 overlay, and iOS sound support!

(Phew! Enjoy!)

Bastards International BBS Intro from the Amiga

A quick Amiga remake here.... the Bastards International "A BBS Intro" screen.
Simple, effective, with some nice GFX!

(Also using my new Amiga Decrunch lib!) :-)