Wednesday 30 September 2015

Flash Inc. 'The Match' cracktro from the C64

I found this rather cool C64 intro on the CSDB, and thought it deserved a CODEF remake, so last night I started it - and completed the iOS sound support this afternoon after work!

Fantastic SID tune, and nice font! Enjoy!

Tuesday 29 September 2015

WEBGL CRT Shader effect

Using the cool CRT shader effect from "Frutbunn", and his CODEF_responsive_canvas lib, I applied the effect to one of my old favourite screens, and came up with this...

Thanks to Dave Eggleston (AKA Frutbunn) for his cool script, and for letting me use it!

Monday 28 September 2015

Un-named ULM intro screen from the Atari ST

From the 'Unlimited Matricks' (ULM) came this "un-named" intro screen from the ST!
I had the "itch" to do another ST remake, and this classy old screen fitted the bill, so here it is in CODEF HTML5 for you to enjoy!

The EQ isn't quite right, as always is the way with the music libraries when compared to the original ST (or Amiga, or C64 etc. etc.) code!

Saturday 12 September 2015

So Watt Demo Intro Screen from the Atari ST, remade in CODEF!

Well, as I'd already done a couple of screens from the 'So Watt' demo, it seemed that I might as well do another.... so I chose the rather simple, but very cool looking Intro Screen!

Sadly no iOS sound on this one, as the EQ won't work anyway - as the calcs are done using the codef_music lib, which iOS ignores.... so best to view on a PC/Mac/Linux machine on a modern browser (Chrome-ium etc.)!

Friday 11 September 2015

Sync Fullscreen from the Atari ST So Watt Demo!


Another classic Atari ST demoscreen remake for you tonight people! This is the Sync Fullscreen part of the awesome 'So Watt' Demo by TCB and a bunch of others! :-)

Once again, iOS friendly sound, so everyone can enjoy what was (at the time) a stunning Fullscreen demo on the ST back in the day!

P.S. Now updated to include the proportional scroller!

The 'Death Demo' by The 2 Life Crew, from the So Watt Megademo on the Atari ST!

From the mighty "So Watt" demo on the Atari ST, comes the "Death Demo" by The 2 Life Crew, with music by -An Cool- from TCB!

Another old fave screen of mine from back in the day - remade in CODEF, and supporting iOS touch events and sound!

Enjoy! :-)

Thursday 10 September 2015

An Cools 'Acid Burn 2' demo from the Atari ST remake!

A few years ago, I did a really bad remake of the old Atari ST 'Acid Burn' demo.... which was OK, but not really very accurate to the original, so I went back and did a new remake, with the correct graphics, music, and scroller etc..

A bit mad, but an old fave of mine from the ST days.... enjoy!

iOS sound is supported also!!

Monday 7 September 2015

TCB Fullscreen Demo from the Cuddly Demos (ST) re-remake! (with iOS sound!)

Time for a quick re-remake tonight! This time I thought I'd refresh my remake of the TCB Fullscreen demo, part of the Cuddly Demos' Megademo on the ST.

Corrected screen resolution, added the fact that the scrolltexts dip a couple of pixels every screen width (which wasn't present in my old remake), and also used HOWLER.JS instead of CODEF_MUSIC.JS, which means that there is better sample looping!

UPDATE: New v2 HOWLER.JS in use, so iOS sound now working! :-)

Dexion TubePack # 30 Intro from the Amiga!

Hot on the heels of last nights upload from the Amiga, comes this beauty from Dexion! As suggested by STC of Hemeroids, this is my remake of TubePack # 30 Intro!

Once again, I have integrated iOS sound, as well as iOS touch events, so you can scroll up and down (where PC/MAC users press UP and DOWN arrow keys).

Sunday 6 September 2015

Tristar and Red Sector Tuff Stuff 17 Intro from the Amiga

A quick Amiga remake tonight, the Tuff Stuff # 17 Pack Disk intro by Tristar and Red Sector! 
A nice little intro - took about an hour to do.... more importantly is the fact that this one has been tested not only on PC and Ubuntu running Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, but also on an Android Tablet, AND most importantly, it should run happily on iOS as well! I have coded in a detection routine, which will skip the .MOD WEBAudio and use native MP3 playback after a touch event instead!

Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: Now touch events have been added for iOS users, so you can scroll the selection bar (although it doesn't do anything except move!)

Radical Systems Micro-Mix II from the Atari ST

I remade the original Micro Mix Demo from the ST a while ago now, and always meant to revisit Micro Mix so that I use the same code as a base for Micro Mix II - and now I finally have got around to it!

The major differences in the compared to the original Micro Mix Demo was that you can now select which samples you want to play by pressing F1 thru to F9 (and also F10!), as well as change the speed by pressing 1,2, or 3, and finally reverse the current sample by pressing R!

I hope you enjoy some more ST nostalgia!

UPDATE: Using the new version of 'Howler.js' as a base for this remake, has the added side-effect that it now gives full audio output on iOS devices also! :-)
Once I found this out, I have added physical buttons to simulate the F1-F10,1,2,3, and R keys, so iPhone users can mix the tune themselves also! 

Saturday 5 September 2015

Two new Javascript .MOD players, working in CODEF!

As the post title says, here are two links to some CODEF examples of different .MOD players in Javascript.

The first is a quite newly released script by HxC2001 / Jean-François DEL NERO...

...and the other is an older one by "Deskjet" (
Simon Gündling)...

There have been two versions of this particular player, the first has some issues (apparently), so a complete rework has been done.... just to be complete, I've got both working with CODEF! :-)


EDIT: Literally one day after I posted this, the author made a change to Chiptune2, which required an additional file.... I have only just been made aware of this! Apologies - but this additional lib is now added, and the playback now works again!