Thursday 21 April 2016

My NAS is dead

Sadly the inevitable has happened, and my NAS drive which contains all of my CODEF stuff has died.....
Luckily all of my completed screens and master scripts are on my webserver, but all of the incomplete stuff (several screens) and test area (trying out new effects etc) has all gone :-(

I hope the have the NAS repaired and back up by the weekend, but sadly lots of stuff is lost - so it may be a while before my next screen hits.

I hope to be bringing you a new screen soon!

Monday 18 April 2016

California Pro Golf cracktro by The Beastie Boys on the C64

I fancied doing another C64 cracktro, so this weekend I found a good example, with a fantastic .SID tune that I thought could do with some CODEF treatment! :-)

This is the California Pro Golf cracktro as brought to you by The Beastie Boys - some nice GFX and an awesome version of the Pet Shop Boys 'Always on my Mind' as a soundtrack!

I hope you like it!

Thursday 14 April 2016

Army Moves Cracktro by The Blade Runners - Atari ST

It's been a few weeks since my last screen - been a bit busy at work, but tonight some light relief in the shape of an old-old-school screen by The Blade Runners on the ST! The Army Moves cracktro!

I hope you like it - the only "error" is the fact that I couldn't find the correct music, so I used the music from another BR cracktro from the same era! (If anyone knows the correct music, please let me know so I can correct it!)