Tuesday 17 November 2015

Vector Lame Zcreen from So Watt on the Atari ST!

Another screen from the So Watt Demo makes its way onto your browser!!
This time it is the Lame Zcreen by Vector!
(Admittedly this screenshot doesn't look that exciting, but this is a nice screen featuring some cool David Whittaker music, and a nice bob effect on the logo!)


This screen has iOS sound support - and is the first time I have ever managed to get the Ultimate Ripper Cartridge to work on STeem, so that I could rip the font GFX and the scrolltext! :-)

Monday 16 November 2015

AD Demo by Nordik Coders from the ST So Watt Demo!

This is another screen from the legendary So Watt demo from the Atari ST. I made this screen a couple of years ago, and it was OK, but not 100%. This re-remake moves it closer to that figure!

The font is sized correctly, the scroller is positioned correctly, and the dist-EQ now operates much closer to the original, with each channel individually moving, as opposed to all three moving as one!

I've also added the obligatory So Watt loader/decruncher to complete the effect! Enjoy!


WEBGL Babylon.JS with CODEF!

After seeing some really nice effects, and the easy to use interface of 'Babylon.js', I wanted to see if it could be integrated into a CODEF canvas. 
Initially I could not get the two elements to "play nicely" together, so after speaking to one of the creators, and getting some help, I was able to get this rather nice example to work on a CODEF canvas!

The "camera" can be rotated using the cursor keys to vary the effect!


Saturday 14 November 2015

So Watt Demo TCB Sprite Record Screen!

As I work through the So Watt demo from the ST, I thought I would do a quick and easy screen..... one that someone else has already done!

Awesome coder NewCore made this screen a couple of years ago, so by borrowing his mathematics (which he had lifted from the original code by Leonard), and ripped GFX, I have just resized the screen, and added the decrunch etc.. and a kind of joint-production I guess is here for you!!


A demo for ZUUL....

A small demoscreen for ZUUL..... (thanks to Boss of Zuul for the ideas....).
After last night, a small tribute has been added to the introduction....

Friday 13 November 2015

Fashion "First Screen" from So Watt on the ST!

Another remake from the mighty "So Watt" Demo from the Atari ST, this time in the form of the "First Screen" by Fashion (with some help from TCB)!!

iOS sound supported - so everyone can play! :-)


iOS sound now "live" on the website!

 Just a quick heads-up for people going to my website! I have now written a new index page for my CODEF site which auto-detects if you are viewing from an iOS device or not, and depending on the outcome, will direct you to the relevant page!


So, if you are from a PC, or Android device, you should see this...

...and iOS users should see this...

Obviously the iOS uses touch events to scroll thru the screens, in the style of the old "cover flow" style! The web-audio will not work, so is replaced with MP3 sound - which will autoload, but requires a touch event to begin (as per the norm with iOS sound).

Either way, enjoy! :-)

Thursday 12 November 2015

Rockford Crack by The Exceptions (ST)

Another quick Atari ST remake for you, in the form of the Rockford cracktro by ST legends, The Exceptions!

A nice simple screen from "back in the day", but a few nice elements!

** iOS sound supported also! **


Tuesday 10 November 2015

Xmas 2006 intro by Atari Legend (AKA "Foodfight") remake!

The Xmas 2006 Intro by Atari Legend (A.K.A. Foodfight) - coded by Stax!
A nice intro I found whilst digging thru some Atari archives, and thought deserved a nice CODEF remake treatment - so here you go! This has the added bonus of iOS sound support too! ;-) Enjoy!