Wednesday 17 February 2016

Amiga Workbench 2.0x Shell Decruncher Library

I decided to make a new Amiga Decrunch library today, to show off another alternative rather than just Workbench 1.3 & Workbench 3.1. So using the old ones as a base, I made a new alternative to choose from, based on Workbench 2.0x (as used on the Amiga A600).

There's only one decrunch type to choose from, but with a variable parameter for the amount of time the decrunch runs for.

1) Plain Shell, and then colour bars decrunching (shell disappears)

The library is available (or can be linked to) at

The sample screen HERE shows how it works, and obviously feel free to use it if you like it!

P.S. A fix is now in place for Firefox users! ;-)

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