Monday 22 July 2019

AY-3-8910 Chiptune Player

Hi everyone! Another chiptune player gets the CODEF treatment now! :-)
This time the AY-3-8910 .YM player, with STEREO support - as used in Amstrad CPC machines amongst others, coded by 'Megachur'!

Enjoy more retro chiptune fun!

Saturday 20 July 2019

The B.I.G. Demo by The Exceptions from the Atari ST

Hey everyone, I'm sure you're aware that a few years back Antoine 'NoNameNo' Santo converted about 90% of the B.I.G. Demo into CODEF, but never had the time to finish it (i.e. the 4 additional screens, nor the Digital Dept. were not included). About 3 years ago I remade the Digital Department screen (with the help of the SC68 player by Juergen Wothke), but it's only recently I have finally decided to put the two screens together, and add the missing elements of the B.I.G. Demo to finally bring you the FULL experience of this incredible and classic old-school Atari ST Demoscreen to your browser window! I hope you enjoy!


GFX Ripping and code for main B.I.G screen by Antoine 'NoNameNo' Santo
SC68 Playback routine by Juergen Wothke
All musics by 'Mad Max' of The Exceptions
Physc-O-Screens and BIG Scroller code and GFX ripping by me (Mellow Man)
Reworking the original CODEF from NoNameNo and integrating new screens by me (Mellow Man)