Monday 30 May 2016

Atari ST Pompey Packer Decrunch .JS lib for CODEF

Good afternoon! I had a flash of inspiration this afternoon, so spent about 45 minutes making this little gem of an item for you ST fans out there (excuse the crap joke there)!!

This is a CODEF add-in library which allows you to call a Pompey Packer v1.9 decrunch effect!

EDIT: I have added a new parameter, so you can choose a white on black screen, or a black on white (as per the picture above).

myPPDecrunch = new PPDecrunch(150,500,1);

The 150 as above is the delay before the decrunch starts
The 500 as above is how long the decrunch lasts for
The 1 is for a WHITE on black decrunch - change to a 0 for BLACK on white decrunch.

A simple little test to show you how to use it is below... Enjoy!

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