Tuesday 20 September 2016

Megabang 2 - The Sequel by The Lost Boys on the Atari ST

I fancied a return to the Atari ST remakes today, so let me present The Megabang 2 - The Sequel Demo by The Lost Boys!

I remember this demo being launched at an Atari ST Show I went to at Alexandra Palace in North London back in sometime around 1990 - and I always thought it was cool - so seemed a good choice for a remake!

Hopefully you'll agree!


Monday 19 September 2016

Zombie Pacman

...and for my latest CODEF screen, here is my homage to the ultra-cool Zombie Pacman by Scoopex and Tolou on the Amiga, released at the High Coast Hack Summer 2016.

A cool screen, which has some great music - with a neat little twist on the Classic PacMan theme, and some nice GFX... overall, it was a pleasure to try to remake in CODEF!



SSL Certification

Just a quick update to let you know that my CODEF website now has SSL certification. 
It won't make a lot of difference to about 99% of the stuff on on here, but every now and again something crops up (like accessing a webcam) that requires SSL. 

In the past I just uploaded those files on my Dropbox, and shared a public link - however as of this month Dropbox are not allowing these files to be accessed any longer, so I guessed it was time for my own SSL certificate, so now I have one!

You can test it out here at my "Webcam Cube" demo!


Saturday 10 September 2016


After almost two months without posting anything much on here, I thought I really ought to make a new screen, and an original one for a change!

I used some "ideas" from some old ST screens, and a variation of my favourite effect (plasma) with a kick-ass Drum n Bass tune by Muffler & Xhale to make.... The Plasmaballs Screen!!

Then I chucked in a randomised plasma distortion, and timed a colour fluctuation to the EQ.... all in all, I love it - but then I'm biased! :-)

I hope you like it too!