Friday 10 March 2023

Updated S98 webaudio player

A minor update to Jürgen Wothkes' S98 webaudio player, means I've just added the latest tweaks to my stripped down CODEF version, which can be found here...

Monday 6 March 2023

Updated ASAP webaudio music player!

Juergen has also updated his ASAP player today (he's been a busy boy!) - so I've updated my simplified CODEF version to match, using the latest backend. 

Here is the link - enjoy!

Updated V2M wevaudio music player

 ...and yet another webaudio music backend has been updated by the hardest working coder I know! This time Juergen Wothke has updated the Farbrausch V2 synth playback engine. 

My stripped down CODEF version (with EQ) can be found here...

Updated AYUMI webaudio music player

Yes, he's been at it again! An updated backend for the "ayumi" webaudio music player for Atari ST .YM files has been released by Jürgen Wothke!

My trimmed down CODEF version can be found here >>>

Sunday 5 March 2023

Updated ZX webmusic player!

Guess what? Yep, another update to one of the webaudio music players by Jürgen Wothke! This time his SpectreZX player has been updated, to use a reduced buffer size - so again here is my CODEF stripped down version. As the sound chip in the ZX Spectrum was almost identical to the one used in the Amstrad CPC, many of the same music files work perfectly on this player, so in my CODEF version you can select between ZX and CPC music files!

Saturday 4 March 2023

Updated MPT webaudio music player

Can you guess what? Yup! Jürgen Wothke has updated another one of his webaudio players - this time the MPT player, which fills in some of the gaps in UADE in terms of some of the module formats played.

Here is my CODEF stripped down version for you!

Thursday 2 March 2023

Updated VGM webmusic player

He's been at it again! This time Jürgen Wothke has updated his VGM webmusic player, to give some improved performance, especially at startup.

As always, here is my stripped down CODEF friendly version for you to enjoy featuring the classic Outrun tune, Magical Sound Shower!

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Updated ADPLUG webmusic player


Another day, another webmusic player update by Jürgen Wothke! 🙂
This time he has updated his AdLiBiDo (or ADPLUG) player, with additional functions including being updated to most recent AdPlug HEAD version (and fixed a2m & dro issues).
As always, my stripped down CODEF version can be found here...