Wednesday 17 February 2016

Amiga Workbench 2.0x Shell Decruncher Library

I decided to make a new Amiga Decrunch library today, to show off another alternative rather than just Workbench 1.3 & Workbench 3.1. So using the old ones as a base, I made a new alternative to choose from, based on Workbench 2.0x (as used on the Amiga A600).

There's only one decrunch type to choose from, but with a variable parameter for the amount of time the decrunch runs for.

1) Plain Shell, and then colour bars decrunching (shell disappears)

The library is available (or can be linked to) at

The sample screen HERE shows how it works, and obviously feel free to use it if you like it!

P.S. A fix is now in place for Firefox users! ;-)

Friday 12 February 2016

Skies of Arcadia Cracktro-Trainer by Echelon (Dreamcast)

I'd just finished the first Echelon remake, then I found this one, so I thought I might as well do this one too! :-)

This is the Cracktro/Trainer for Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast, brought by Echelon!

Check out the CODEF remake here...

Echelon Dreamcast Cracktro for Sega Tennis 2K2

I saw this cool intro on Youtube the other day, for a cracktro on the Dreamcast console!
It was by Echelon and for Tennis 2K2 (which I assume is Sega Tennis 2002)!

It featured a really cool jelly cube effect. and a few other nice touches, so I thought as I hadn't done a console cracktro remake for an age, it was time for another one! :-)

There are a few things which are not 100% correct - mainly because I could not get a Dreamcast emulator to work correctly, and boot the file with the cracktro on it!

So, more of a homage than a remake, but nonetheless, here it is!

Monday 1 February 2016

TCB DigiRoutine screen from The Cuddly Demos (Atari ST) Remake

On the hunt for another TCB screen to remake in CODEF, I came across this one, which although uses a large sample (in MP3 format), has some cool effects, so tonight I made this....

Luckily not much GFX ripping required, as most of the elements I already had, so a few lines of code later, here is the TCB Digi screen from The Cuddly Demos (from the Atari ST of course)!