Thursday 24 February 2022

CODEF version of webIXS music player!

This is my CODEF version of the latest webaudio player from chiptune fan and coder Juergen 
Wothke, the author of Tiny'R'SID and many other webaudio plugins over the past few years. 

His javascript webaudio engine uses a reverse engineered and "web-ified" version of the "IXSPlayer Version 1.20" originally created by the no longer existing "Shortcut Software Development BV" about 20 years ago.

It plays original *.ixs music files directly in the browser via WebAudio.

The player belongs into the "Impulse Tracker" family but what sets it apart is the way by which it generates the used audio sample data. At the time it must have looked like a promising idea to save the limited Internet bandwidth by using the smallest music files possible.. and via compression and audio synthesis this player uses ridiculously small song files that are only a few thousand bytes long (see status information in the player widget). For comparison: mp3 files are typically several million bytes (megabytes) long.

Many Thanks for the man himself for some assistance getting this work in a "CODEF form", for slightly easier use on the platform.