Monday 17 July 2023

CODEF webEuphony player

This JavaScript/HTML5 port of "eupmini" allows to play EUPHONY format songs directly within the browser.

The FM Towns was a Japanese personal computer, built by Fujitsu from February 1989 to the summer of 1997. For audio output it was equipped with an 8-channel Ricoh RF5c68 for PCM sample playback and a Yamaha YM2612 (OPN2) for FM synthesis. (Outside of Japan the same Yamaha chip was better known for its use in Sega's Mega Drive/Genesis video game consoles.)

The EUPHONY music format seems to have been popular on FM Towns - probably due to the freely available "HEat-Oh!" ("High EUP active tool") that used the format. For many Japanese computer enthusiasts this must have been their first opportunity to try their luck at creating computer music themselves.

As always, chip music maestro Jurgen Wothke has converted this to Javascript, and here is my obligatory CODEF version of his player! Enjoy!