Saturday 8 February 2020

Union Demo Menu Remix

I'm having some fun with these remix tunes at the moment, so I'm now using the Union Demo Main Menu theme ('Alloy Run' by Jeroen Tel - converted to the ST by Jochen Hippel AKA Mad Max) remixed by ACC:Xess on a CODEF screen which is celebrating that great demo that is, The Union Demo by The Union on the Atari ST!

This time we have some great GFX ripped from the original, the great music, and a cool 3D cube VU meter to go with the MP3 music! Enjoy everyone!

Thursday 6 February 2020

Big Sprite Remix

After the success of my last screen, using the cool ACC:Xess remix of Jochen Hippels tunes, I decided to use another remix! This time, The TCB Big Sprite gets the treatment. Just a quick remix of the original screen, with a cool EQ overlay and the MP3 playback instead of the original .YM tune. 

Thanks again to ACC:Xess for allowing me to use this great tune, which seems to give the screen a whole new lease of life! Enjoy! 

Saturday 1 February 2020

Cuddly Demos Remix

Hey everyone! Welcome to 2020, and I know it's been a loooooonng time since my last CODEF update - don't worry, I HAVE been working on something, but it's taking a long time to get working as well as I want it to..... so I've taken a little break from it and decided to make something for a bit of fun!

I found on YouTube a Swedish band called ACC:Xess who has played a concert with their remix of several classic Atari ST tunes, one of which was in the Menu Music from the incredible The Cuddly Demos! 

I liked it so much, I got an MP3 of it, and make a little remix of my own - featuring the intro of The Cuddly Demos, with a little EQ meter thrown in. I hope you like it.