Saturday 20 June 2015


Who remembers the Red Sector Demo Maker from the Amiga days?
With that in mind, today I made this... The Mellow Man CODEF Demo Maker version 1!


- Load a backdrop (autoscale to fit canvas)
- Load a logo
- Load a dist logo
- Load a tracking sprite image
- Select a 2D or 3D starfield

- Option of 3D 'bob' starfield (load image)
- Change the Dist amount
- Change the number of tracking sprites
- Change the offset between the tracking sprites

- Speed up or Slow down the tracking sprites
- Play a .YM or a .MOD music file
- Add Green, Red or Blue raster bars
- Change the position of the bars (or make them bounce)
- Make the logo bounce

- Copper Bars


 - Choose a font, and enter text for a Horizontalk scrolltext, and change Y position!
 - Adjust Y position for Dist sprite.

 - Add upper, lower, or both Gradients, with RGB sliders to select color choices!
 - Added .SID support (to complement the already supported .YM & .MOD)

Friday 19 June 2015

"Twisty" Image Distortion

Tonight I have been playing around with some (more) image manipulation, this time, distorting part of the image, and putting it back onto the canvas.

Take a look, and you'll see the illusion that's created. The main script (and image) was "borrowed" from a rather heavy piece of code, which I then tweaked and changed, so that the code, and output would work on the CODEF HTML5 format!

So, what I'm trying to say is that it's NOT my code, I've just played around with it at length in order to get it to work! :-)

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

By modifying the original .JS CODEF lib for the Amiga Decrunch by NoNameNo and Totorman, I have previously made an Atari ST Happy Packer Decrunch lib, as well as a Commodore 64 Loading lib... now I modify it further to bring you...   ...the ZX Spectrum Loader lib!

It can be found at

A demonstration of it in use can be found here :

Google Maps API

Using the Google Maps API, I finally found a way of getting the data in a format where I can use it as/on a canvas - which then led to this...

Not doing much really, just a bit strange, but worth a look! :-)

P.S. You'll need a geolocator for it to work.

P.P.S. There is a separate link for a phone version!

Monday 15 June 2015


I think the name speaks for itself!
UPDATE NOTE: Recent updates to Chromium have now rendered this a "security risk" - and viewing the webcam can now only be done either as a 'LocalHost', or over an HTTPS connection. I have now added an SSL Certificate to my site to solve this issue!

wink emoticon


After some playing around with some new stuff, and revisiting the imageData manipulation, I have come up with this... the CODEF WEBCAM DEMO!

As the name suggests, it won't do much unless you have a webcam, but it allows you to show the live webcam feed on the CODEF canvas, with various imageData manipulations being carried out on it, like Black & White, Inverse, 4x4, and colour cycling, whilst a 2D CODEF logo dist is applied on the canvas as a new layer, with a soundtrack too! :-)


UPDATE NOTE: Recent updates to Chromium have now rendered this a "security risk" - and viewing the webcam can now only be done either as a 'LocalHost', or over an HTTPS connection. I did host this on Dropbox to get around this problem, but now this is no longer supported, I have purchased an SSL Certificate for my website! (Hence the HTTPS link above!)

Friday 5 June 2015

TCB Tracker intro by An Cool from the ST!

After seeing a screenshot for an intro for the TCB Tracker which I'd never seen before, I ended up chatting on a forum for the ST Demoscene trying to track down a copy, and then the legend An Cool himself joined in the chat! :-)

After finding a copy of this intro, I was able to quickly put together a CODEF remake! Enjoy!