Thursday 31 May 2018

Atari ST .YM chiptune webplayer

Here is my reworked and simplified CODEF version of the webZXspectre player by Juergen Wothke. It has been "tweaked" by me to allow calls for a YMbackendAdaptor - so that it will play .YM sound files as used by the Atari ST.

Here is my simplified CODEF version of the new .YM chiptune player as released by Juergen Wothke (after seeing my use of his ZX player with some mods, he suggested a newer, smaller .JS lib!).

Whilst there are already a number of other .YM players, this one fits better with the range of "wothke" players, and also allows for "drag & drop" (simply drag your .YM file of choice, and drop it onto the Atari ST on the webpage - NOT THE ONE BELOW!).

Magic Jumpers cracktro by TRSI from the Amiga

Looking through some classic TRSI cracktros from the Amiga today, I found this little gem! I quickly checked and couldn't find an existing remake anywhere, so this afternoon I made one!

Cool mini cubes and nice text sweeping, along with a SIDmon tune!

As always, enjoy! #trsi

Wednesday 23 May 2018

RSI Xenon 2 Intro from the Amiga

I've enjoyed doing some of these Amiga intro remakes over the last couple of weeks, as well as putting a few other things together... I thought I'd make another one!

This time an oldie from RSI on the Amiga, the Xenon 2 intro screen.

Nice music ripped from the game, really nice font, and cool 3D RSI logo.


Tuesday 22 May 2018

Chiptune Blaster Jukebox

For some time now, I have been trying to fuse some of the Juergen Wothke webAudio chiptune players together, to make a kind of "Chiptune Blaster Jukebox". Now I know that Juergen has one on his website, but try as I might, I could not get it to work in CODEF - so rather than trying to re-engineer his code, I started a new approach, and re-did it from scratch! Probably a much more long winded method, but it works! 

Try it out here...

It features playback of the following formats: SID, XMP, HES, SNES, N64, GBF, UADE, ASAP, ADP, ZXTUNE, VGM, PSX and more!


NOTE: I have now improved the initial page load time by using jQuery to load the specific backend scripts "on demand" when each player in called - and then cache them - so the whole thing is much quicker and smoother!

Friday 18 May 2018

UPDATED: Latest CODEF version of webSID player

Here is my latest simplified CODEF version of the webSID player by Juergen Wothke - an experimental JavaScript/HTML5 SID chip emulator. The player principally supports 6580 SID files (.SID) as well as some 8581 SID files (also .SID) - although 100% accuracy of 8581 is not guaranteed.

Now with added waveform generated data from all three SID voices, plus the "fourth digi voice" (if used).
Drag & Drop your own .SID files onto the C64 and 1541, and the player will play them, and you can see the SID waveform data on the four mini windows at the bottom! :-)

Thursday 17 May 2018

Genesis cracktro for Lotus Esprit

Tonight I found another cracktro screen remake I had started a year or so ago and never finished.... so I thought I had better finish this one as well!

This time we have another Amiga cracktro by Genesis and Angels, for the game Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Nice simple GFX and cool little tune! Enjoy!

Outrun cracktro by Bamiga Sector One

Time for another Amiga remake I thought, so I did! Actually to be honest, it's one I started to do about 2 years ago - and then completely forgot about! So all I needed to do was make the 3D logos, and implement the webUADE player (in order to access to the subsongs), and job done!


Tuesday 15 May 2018

Voodoo Nightmare by Classic from the Amiga

Time for another Amiga cracktro remake, and this time it's the turn of the Amiga crew, CLASSIC, and their cracktro for Voodoo Nightmare.

Always liked the cool music and 3D cubes in this, so thought it was about time I remade it!

Enjoy it folks!

Thursday 10 May 2018

Some new CODEF Tutorials uploaded

Hi everyone!

At the request of a couple of fans, I have started work again on some new CODEF old school demo tutorials!

The following sections have been added:

- How to make a Gradient background

- How to move an object either in a "bounce" effect, or a "swing" effect using Math.cos and Math.sin.
- Raster effects
- Four different types of starfield 
- Three different versions of music playback.
- Horizontal and Vertical scrolltexts as well!

And finally, several effects combined to make a finished demoscreen! :-)

They can be found here. Enjoy!

Sunday 6 May 2018

Chrome 66 Media Autoplay UPDATE!

Attention Chrome users affected by the latest bollocks from Google about automedia - which affects YOUR enjoyment of the CODEF screens!
A workaround I have used to good effect is:
THEN change the top setting to the one as shown in the below pic, then RESTART Chrome, and all seems OK!
Let me know if it works for you!

Chrome 66

In case you have not noticed already: The dumbshit Google idiots changed Chrome's "autoplay policy", i.e. none of your demo pages will be able to automatically play music without some explicit "user gesture" anymore. Actually this concerns already the creation of the "AudioContext": It can no longer be instanciated within some arbitrary context but it MUST be instanciated from within some button's onClick handler, or Chrome will not accept it as "triggered by a user gesture" and they will be created in "suspended" state (a later change to "running" state again can only be triggered from within some onClick handler). 
I don't know when exactly Google activated this shit but version 66.0 (that Google must have slipped onto my PC recently) is certainly the issue, and has appeared over the last 48 hours.🤮🤮th
PS: The problem may not be visible immediately since Chrome is using some braindead heuristics for when to make an exception (e.g. if the page is already in the browser's cache and if it has already played music in the past, etc.).

PPS: Try using Iron instead, as it's basically the same browser, but with more privacy, and less Google crap!