Monday 31 March 2014

Interpol Flashback

Well, I managed to quickly finish - had to cheat a bit as was having real problems with the font, so luckily as the scrolltext was really short, I just used a .PNG of the whole scroll-line and scrolled that across the image!

This my "homage" of the Flashback Cracktro by Interpol on the Amiga! 

(I can't really call it a remake, because I can't replicate the pattern of the squares exactly!) Enjoy!

Another ST Remake......

Found another quick cracktro I liked the look of last night, so with the (indirect) help of Ayoros (HMD) I was able to put this screen together!

Ayoros' calculations for the ELITE bounce were "borrowed" from another Elite remake he had done previously - hope he doesn't mind! ;-)

Its the Geographie Cracktro by NoExtra/Zuul!

Saturday 29 March 2014

Crossland Cracktro by NoExtra

Well, I had some time, so I finished the remake!

NoExtra's Atari ST Cracktro for Crossland!

NoExtra Team

Keep an eye out for more NoExtra ST Remake madness coming soon to a (Chromium-based) browser near you!!

Thursday 27 March 2014

New stuff in the pipeline!

I have been approached by Dunderpatrullen (, to create a CODEF element to their website.

They are a band which plays retro/oldschool/demoscene music, and they are all fans of the old 8-bit and 16-bit scene, and as an added bonus they like my work! :-)

So, who knows, if they like my ideas, you might see my CODEF screen on their homepage!

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Nobby the Aardvark C64 Cracktro!

Thanks for the help of Tiny'R'SID creator Jürgen Wothke - I have the correct .SID file, which meant I was able to complete my latest C64 remake!

The "Nobby the Aardvark" Cracktro by Red Sector!

(N.B. A Bug-fixed version of this has just been uploaded - to fix a problem where I had deleted a "good" version, and originally uploaded an older version!)

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Another NoExtra remake!

Another NoExtra team remake - this time the Abracadabra Atari Legend screen! 
This even has the seal of approval from NoExtra team member Zorro2!

Monday 24 March 2014

C64 Remake Idea

Well, I've found a cool C64 Cracktro I might remake.... the only down side is I have no clue what the music is, so I can't download the .SID from HSVC or CSDB or similar!

I've started work using an .OGG sample... but I really need to do it "properly!"... :-)

Red Sector Cracktro - Nobby the Aadvark 

When I have some of the screen CODEF'd, I'll post a link!

Saturday 22 March 2014


Well, since I've told Fred on his Facebook page which NoExtra screen I'll be doing next, I might as well reveal it! LOL!
ATARI-LEGEND / NoExtra - Abracadabra will be my next CODEF re-creation! (Wish me luck!) :-)

Friday 21 March 2014


Hmmmm, trawling thru YouTube this morning looking at old-school demo's I found a cool one by NoExtra Team, so - I might have to get the creative juices going and make a CODEF remake.... but which demo did I see....  well that'll be a magical surprise! ;-)


Thursday 20 March 2014

Double Dist Plasma

I've just found a screen I started work on just before Christmas and forgot about..... It features a double dist plasma and cool .SID EQ routine! Might have to finish it!! :-) 

Until then I'll drink some beer!

Wednesday 19 March 2014


I saw a cool ZX Spectrum demo called "CHESS CG" by a guy called Goblin (see the previous post, which has a link to the YouTube video!), and decided to make something similar! Hope you like it! It's another "eye hurting" screen!

ZX Spectrum Demo

Here is a link to a ZX Spectrum demo... CHESS GS by GOBLIN...
Very nice effect I thought, needless to say I'm using it as inspiration for my next CODEF production! :-)

Monday 17 March 2014

Crazy Comets!

I made this tribute to Crazy Comets because I got bored and thought it would look cool! Enjoy!

The Lost Thingy! :-)

Years and years ago I wrote a demoscreen on the Commodore 64, which I never kept a copy of, and lost when I sold my 64 back in the late 80s!

Thanks to CODEF I am able to (attempt to) recreate it - although I have no source code or records at all - only my memories!

It's probably better than the original, but I had fun making it - remembering good times on my 64 in the 1980s!

Sunday 16 March 2014


A new CODEF production is now available on my website! A remake of the Zuul 4 Intro screen!


Got bored this morning, so I made this! 
I've called it the "Star Wars Cubes" screen... when you see it, you'll understand why! :-)

Red Sector Amiga Great Giana Sisters Cracktro Remake

...and another remake... and just for a change, it's an AMIGA one! :-)

The Great Giana Sisters Cracktro from Red Sector!

The Ballsphere

With some assistance from 'Mike Supa' (AKA Solo) I have managed to finish my "Ballsphere" screen!

Enjoy! :-)

Amiga Yo Africa Remake

"It Began in Africa"! The CODEF remake of the Budbrain Yo Africa screen!

A few issues with timing, especially on slower PCs - mainly due to some of the GFX routines, but hopefully you'll still enjoy it!


Hi people! Here's my latest CODEF creation! A screen heavily influenced by some great Amiga demo's of the past!

It's called "Guruballs" - can you guess why?! ;-)

Bouncing Scroll and Rising Sun screen!

A couple of new CODEF HTML5 screens I have knocked up! On the left is my "The Bouncing Scroll" screen - 
and on the right is "The Rising Sun" -


Music Non-Stop

Well, I know... it was a quiet night, so I made this.....!!

I've called it "Music Non Stop" - enjoy!


......Well, I had some time free after I'd finished my contribution for the CODEF Mega-Demo (which as requested will be kept secret for now! )!! 
I put together some 3D Isocahedrons, with a rotating 360degree EQ Analyser, and a new plasma effect (thanks to Supa Mike for helping me with the plasma!) - finally found the ideal Amiga .MOD and.... voila - my "Iso_Plasma" screen is here! Enjoy!

SAE Mini Copy Party Intro Remake

I've been working on this screen on and off for about 8 months now - how can such a small screen take so much work?? Well, it had some really tricky colour cycling FX, and also a water ripple effect... which I failed to duplicate.... so rather than call this a "remake", I'll call this a "homage" to the Share&Enjoy Mini Copy Party Intro screen!! :-) I hope you like it!

Kefrens Block-Out Cracktro Remake

I got bored last night and had an hour or so to spare, so I put together a little Amiga intro remake.... this is the Block-Out intro by Kefrens!

Another f__kin' Cube!

I forgot - I was tidying up my "TEMP" folder and found this screen I made a couple of months ago! I didn't know what to call it, so I've just called it "another f__kin' cube"! :-)

Madd Hatter BBS Intro by TRSI Remake

I had 30 minutes or so free last night, so I quickly knocked up this Amiga remake! The 'Madd Hatter' BBS Intro by TRSI.

It's nothing too fancy, but a simple, nice idea, and it cured my "CODEF withdrawal symptoms" !! :-)

Atari Legend Cosmos Remake

Thanks to assistance from Frédéric Sagez, I have been able to finish this NoExtra remake!


NoExtra/Elite ST Cracktro Remake

After seeing another NOEXTRA/ELITE Cracktro, I thought I'd have a go at a recreation... so here is my CODEF version of their "Beyond The Ice Palace" Cracktro!

Circles 2 Screen

Now my ADSL is back up and running, guess what? That's right, more CODEF screens! 

This one is my ST themed "Circles 2" screen )

Hope you like it! :-)

.SID Legacy Screen

Now my ADSL is back up and running, guess what? That's right, more CODEF screens! 

First up is my SID homage "SID Legacy" screen... )

TCB Big Sprite Demo Remake

I havn't done much on CODEF this last week or so, as I've been off of work on some time off.... but last night I put together a "remake/homage to" of the TCB Big Sprite Demo from the Cuddly Demos!


My WAVES screen!

Oh! And one more - a screen inspired by a THREE.JS effect I "borrowed". 
Using some C64 music... this is the "Waves" Screen! Enjoy!

Future Light International Remake

Seeing as I'd been quiet for a few weeks, thought I'd better make up for lost time.... so here's another Amiga remake!

Future Light International - "New Intro" AKA "Shit Intro" !!
(Somebody elses words, not mine!)

Taipan Dragon Breed Cracktro Remake

You know what? I had a little time, so I made a remake of an Amiga Cracktro! 
The Taipan Dragon Breed Cracktro.... hope you like it!

It used an Amiga Chiptune, so I had to use an .OGG sample of it to play... but seems to run ok!

C64 Empire Droid '93 Cracktro remake

I havn't been doing much with CODEF recently, as I've been at bit busy - but here is a small remake of a C64 Cracktro.... Droid '93 from EMPIRE! 
Hope you like it!