Saturday 11 October 2014

Even smaller .SID player code!

Nothing much to add here over my previous .SID player screen, just that by trimming some of the code, and relocating some of it, I've made the HTML element MUCH smaller!

Take a look!

Wednesday 8 October 2014

The Power Demo by The Lost Boys (Atari ST)!

After about three days work, I bring you a remake of the (entire) Power Demo by The Lost Boys, from the Atari ST!!

All four major screens, plus the "big" scroller screen, music selection screen, aswell as "hidden" remake of the "Reset proof" screen! :-)

Press 1 - 4 to choose the main screens, with SPACE returning you to the menu. 
Press B to goto the Big Scroller, and once again SPACE to return.
Press M to select different music.
Whilst in screen one (the 3D screen), press the cursor keys aswell as HOME and END to rotate the object in X, Y, and Z planes. Also pressing Z and X will zoom it in and out!

Finally the "hidden" screen... well, you'll have to find out which key does that! ;-)


Saturday 4 October 2014

Happy Computer Packer from the Atari ST

After making the last couple of ST screens, I decided that rather than using the main page to emulate the Happy Packer, I'd make a .JS lib for this old ST decruncher.... so here is the URL to use, and below it is an example file showing how to use it!

McDonaldland Cracktro remake by The Replicants of The Union (ST)

Hey! It's been a few hours, so here's another ST remake! :-)

This time I chose a nice little screen from The Replicants, and their cracktro to McDonaldland! 

It features some great Mad Max music, some nice bouncing rasterbars, and tracking mouse sprites! Enjoy!

Friday 3 October 2014

The Last Ninja .SID Music Demo

Hi All - with the advent of the new v2 .SID .JS player, I was able to finally get my ass into gear and complete a long incomplete screen I started about a year ago!

This is the Last Ninja .SID Music Demo! All the .SID tunes from the Last Ninja 1,2, and 3!

I originally stopped working on this due to the awesome screen based on the Amiga version of the game done by Totorman and Ayoros of Hemoroids being released - it's been a while now, so I decided to carry on and finish this simple screen, but with so many great tunes inside! Enjoy!