Friday 15 July 2016

Unreleased 4k Intro by Exo7 for the Atari ST

Another quick CODEF remake for tonight.... and a screen made by one of my CODEF colleagues, DYNO.... this is his 1990s 4k intro from the Atari ST, as part of EXO7!

A really nice screen, and very clever effects for a 4k ST demoscreen!

Enjoy this browser remake! :-)

FlipIt intro by Black Monks from the Amiga

On the prowl for another suitable intro for a quick CODEF fix, I came across this intro by the Black Monks on the Amiga for FlipIt!

No music (sorry folks! - but got to be authentic!) but some cool 3D bobs and line vectors!


Tuesday 12 July 2016

Ottifanten by Thrust!

Who remembers this Amiga classic?? Ottifanten by Thrust! An awesome screen I remembered from my Amiga days.... I started to make a CODEF version, and then I got lazy, and left it for a few months, and when my NAS died - I lost it all :-(

Then I found that M9 had made an HTML5 version, so I "borrowed" his code calculations (don't worry, it IS fully credited in my HTML page) - and tweaked and changed it to work with the CODEF framework, with the correct screen dimensions, and here you go...

... a way to enjoy Ottifanten by Thrust on your browser!

Kefrens' A Cool Little Intro on the Amiga

I found this "cool little intro" on the Amiga, by Kefrens... and what do you know, it's called "Cool Little Intro"!

A quick remake for you to enjoy!

Monday 11 July 2016

Back 2 Basics 5 by Insane on the Amiga

In search of another suitable "victim" for a CODEF remake last night, I found this this cool Amiga intro by Insane, from the Edison 2016 Party.

Some really nice graphics, and retro tune, with some cool text effects again, so I set to work! About 3 hours later, and it was done - hope you like it!

Friday 8 July 2016

Global Domination cracktro by TRSI on the Amiga

Fancied a quick CODEF remake fix tonight, after a day painting and decorating at home, and found this cool TRSI cracktro... with some nice text dissolve effects, and colours on the logo.... here it is! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday 5 July 2016

The Synth V demo from the Atari ST by ACC and Digital Insanity

The ST legend himself, Richard Karsmakers has asked me to remake another old classic ST NEWS era demoscreen, so how could I refuse?

This is the Synth Sample V screen by ACC and Digital Insanity.

Nice graphics, a mentally long scrolltext and some nice SC68 tunes - enjoy!

Monday 4 July 2016

Age We Aceeed - C64 awesomeness!

Recently saw this newly released Commodore 64 Music screen, and was blown away by the amazing .SID soundtrack - so I had to quickly make a CODEF HTML5 version.
No animation, or fancy GFX - just a really nice still pic, and brilliant .SID tune by Oxyron. 

Enjoy this SID awesomeness!! :-)