Monday 30 May 2016

Atari ST Pompey Packer Decrunch .JS lib for CODEF

Good afternoon! I had a flash of inspiration this afternoon, so spent about 45 minutes making this little gem of an item for you ST fans out there (excuse the crap joke there)!!

This is a CODEF add-in library which allows you to call a Pompey Packer v1.9 decrunch effect!

EDIT: I have added a new parameter, so you can choose a white on black screen, or a black on white (as per the picture above).

myPPDecrunch = new PPDecrunch(150,500,1);

The 150 as above is the delay before the decrunch starts
The 500 as above is how long the decrunch lasts for
The 1 is for a WHITE on black decrunch - change to a 0 for BLACK on white decrunch.

A simple little test to show you how to use it is below... Enjoy!

Friday 27 May 2016

Laxity intro for Honey Bee +6 from the C64! (Released today!)

I saw this cool intro on Facebook this morning, and it had only been released that day - it was so good - I did a CODEF version THE SAME DAY!! :-)

Cool music, and nice clean look! Enjoy!

Monday 23 May 2016

Bros Intro from the Commodore 64

Over the weekend I saw this great intro on the C64 that I hadn't seen before - with a nice bunch of FLD movements!

I thought it was deserving of a CODEF remake, so I set to work.... and here it is.

The intro code has been used for a number of cracks, so it's quite possible you may have seen this in one form or another.

Hope you enjoy this CODEF remake in HTML5 :-)

Saturday 7 May 2016

Batman3 Cracktro from Amstrad CPC464 by TB Crackers

Now that we have an Amstrad CPC464 music player for its' .AY tunes for HTML5/CODEF, it seemed only appropriate to do a CODEF remake of a CPC cracktro!

One of the guys on the Facebook CODEF Group suggested TB Crackers, so I thought "why not?"....

Then I found this cracktro for BATMAN3, which had been already made for canvas by '
cYB0rG / XTR'. 

I "borrowed" a large chunk of his code, resized it, reworking it for CODEF, and then added in the SpectreZX code by Jurgen Wothke, to give authentic playback (the original used an .mp3) - some optimisation, and a few other tweaks, and this screen came together!

Enjoy the first Amstrad cracktro in CODEF (as far as I am aware!)....

P.S. Due to an issue with Firefox not supporting the sound correctly, I have added a detector event which will load an MP3 for FF users, so they can hear the music correctly!

P.P.S. I have just added iOS sound support for this as well - seeing as I'm using an MP3 for the reasons above!

Friday 6 May 2016

Amstrad CPC 464 Music Playback with CODEF!

Once again, by using the various Jurgen Wothke webaudio players, and some playing around with his code, here is a simple script showing the playback of Amstrad CPC 464 music files using CODEF and HTML5!

This is because his code for SpectreZX also supports the whole chipset family, which includes other Yamaha AY chips.... such as the one used in the Amstrad!

Here is a simple screen, using SPACE to select songs..... be warned, the main script file is VERY large, so there will be a delay before audio playback starts. Enjoy!

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Nintendo Gameboy music player

Using the same code as the SNES player, it also plays Gameboy .GBS music files as well! :-)

(This one is playing the main theme from Bomb Jack on the GB!)

SNES Audio Player with CODEF!

Thanks to Jurgen Wothke, and his reworking of the .SPC music player for Super Nintendo, I was able to get it to run in CODEF......

Let the SNES Cracktro remakes begin....!!