Saturday 7 May 2016

Batman3 Cracktro from Amstrad CPC464 by TB Crackers

Now that we have an Amstrad CPC464 music player for its' .AY tunes for HTML5/CODEF, it seemed only appropriate to do a CODEF remake of a CPC cracktro!

One of the guys on the Facebook CODEF Group suggested TB Crackers, so I thought "why not?"....

Then I found this cracktro for BATMAN3, which had been already made for canvas by '
cYB0rG / XTR'. 

I "borrowed" a large chunk of his code, resized it, reworking it for CODEF, and then added in the SpectreZX code by Jurgen Wothke, to give authentic playback (the original used an .mp3) - some optimisation, and a few other tweaks, and this screen came together!

Enjoy the first Amstrad cracktro in CODEF (as far as I am aware!)....

P.S. Due to an issue with Firefox not supporting the sound correctly, I have added a detector event which will load an MP3 for FF users, so they can hear the music correctly!

P.P.S. I have just added iOS sound support for this as well - seeing as I'm using an MP3 for the reasons above!

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