Monday 27 February 2023

Updated UADE+ web music player

...and on the subject of updates, here is the CODEF simple version of the updated UADE+ player! As always thanks to Jürgen Wothke for his support and continuous work on bringing us these great music players!

Updated webTURBO music player

After some recent updates by Jürgen Wothke to his webTURBO player to include support for "Wonderswan" music files, I have updated these changes in my CODEF version.

You can find them here....

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Updated PSX player for CODEF

After the recent update of Jürgen Wothkes webPSX music player, here is the updated CODEF version of this great webmusic player!

Updated SID player for CODEF

As Jürgen Wothke has recently updated his awesome Tiny R SID player with some new features and additional compatibilities, and I had been working on CODEF versions of some of his players, I thought it might be a good time to updated the CODEF version of the webSID player, so here it is!

NOTE: This new version uses a WASM (web-assembly) file, in addition to the backend, scriptnode processor, as well as an additional ROM.js, all required for correct and accurate recreation of the SID waveforms and unique sound! Enjoy!

Friday 17 February 2023

Ken Silverman's 'in_ken' Winamp 2.x plug-in in CODEF

The creator of Tiny'R'SID, Jürgen Wothke has been hard at work again, and has released a new webmusic player. This JavaScript/HTML5 version of Ken Silverman's 'in_ken' Winamp 2.x plug-in plays all of his music formats: Ken's 4-note music (*.SND), Ken's CT-640 music (*.SM), Ken'S adlib Music (*.KSM), and Ken's Digitial Music (*.KDM).

As always, here is my CODEF version for your enjoyment!

Saturday 11 February 2023

Another day, and another webmusic player from the hardworking Jürgen Wothke! Thanks as always to him for his support and great work! Here is my (now) obligatory (!) CODEF reworking! 

CODEF webSNSF plays music in the SNES module format. The SNES emulation code used here is derived from the Snes9x project. 


Monday 6 February 2023

After seeing the latest music player from Jürgen Wothke, I have made the obligatory simplified CODEF version of his webQuixotic player - CODEF webQsound!

His latest player is based upon "Hightly Quixotix" which plays the 'Capcom Q Sound Format' music.
You can take look at the CODEF version here...