Sunday 28 September 2014

Some ripples effects using 'putImageData'

I have been playing around with some old scripts I have found online, and using some getImageData and putImageData ideas, I managed (after several attempts!) to get a nice ripple effect running in CODEF. Once again, using "Atari girl" and some cool .YM music.... enjoy!

Tuesday 23 September 2014

New version of Tiny'R'SID player, now ported to CODEF!

After some more hard work from Jurgen Wothke, he has released a new smaller and more accurate version of the Tiny'R'SID player, which I have now "converted" to CODEF!

Hope you like! This small "test" screen features three tunes, Noisy Pillars, Zoolook and Arkanoid - all three designed to remind you of how good the .SID chip is/was! :-)

Tuesday 16 September 2014

The Digital Department!

Thanks to Tiny'R'SID creator, Jurgen Wothke, has another .JS lib which brings another music playback routine to HTML5..... the SC68 sound system!

With some assistance from STV/Razor and Jurgen himself, I have converted it to CODEF, and have found a suitable first ST remake to use the lib....

The 'Digital Department' from the legendary B.I.G. Demo by TEX!

The B.I.G. Demo itself has already been remade by NoNameNo (
but now I bring you the missing Digital section! :-)


Monday 15 September 2014

imageData changes!

After speaking with STV (ex of Razor) about image manipulation - I decided to play around with "getting" and "putting" imageData onto a Canvas, and also modifying the contents.

Here are a couple of the results...

This first one lets you adjust the RGB of the "donor" image!

This second screen creates a cyclic RED flare on the image!

Enjoy! :-)

Elastic Balls!

Just playing around with converting some code I found in JS and CCS into CODEF! Credits for the maths goto the original author! 
Just move the mouse over the "logo" and see what happens!

Saturday 6 September 2014

Obliterator Cracktro by TEX!

After seeing a post in the Facebook Demoscene Group for someone trying to find a particular intro.... which turned out to be this TEX cracktro from the ST for Obliterator...
I hadn't seen it before, so I decided to do a quick (2 hour) remake! :-)

(Besides, it's been a while since I did an ST remake!)

Hope you like!

Thursday 4 September 2014

Old-Skool Flower

I saw an old-skool flower effect recently as part of a 1K JS competition entry, which I thought looked so cool, I had to "borrow" the math calculations, and rework it into CODEF. The original calculations are by Robert Elek, so thank him for the maths! :-)

I added some music, a double dist logo effect and a scrolly - enjoy!

Tuesday 2 September 2014

UP ROUGH Fleisch Bitte remake!

Hey! After a bit of a break - here's another Amiga remake!

This time, it's the recently released Fleisch Bitte screen from Up Rough from the Amiga....
Some very cool music, and as I'm part of the Up Rough team now, it was very easy to get access to the source code and the GFX files! :-)


UADE port comes to CODEF!

Hi again!

After some more hard work by Tiny'R'SID and Web-XMP creator Jurgen Wothke, he has now released a web based UADE player. This plays all kinds of unusual Amiga formats, including Deli-Tracker etc..

With his permission, I have made a CODEF interpretation of it, and using the "Dave Lowe" player, here it is, using the classic IK+ music!

As always, if you like the work done by Jurgen, please see his page for more info!