Tuesday 27 March 2018

Javascript MPT multi format music player in CODEF

Once again, retro music code master Juergen Wothke has created another Javascript player - this time for the multi-format MPT libraries. (He even called me out on Facebook to make this version for CODEF - so I wasted no time!).

Using a variety of tunes and formats, use the radio buttons to jump tracks, and most importantly, enjoy!


Sunday 25 March 2018

Javascript Playstation PSX Music Player in CODEF

The Playstation audio player by Juergen Wothke has been updated, so that it no longer requires a PSX BIOS file in order to run, which solves any potential copyright issues!

Also using his new scriptnode player, this means a less intensive process is now required.

Using some classic Final Fantasy IX music, enjoy!


Javascript SNES Music Player in CODEF

It seems that Juergen Wothke has updated his SNES music player, so that it requires less files to run, and uses less memory and processor time. So, it seemed only fitting that I update my own CODEF version to reflect this less intensive new version.

I've used one of my all time favourite SNES tunes to demonstrate it -  the 'Underwater Theme' from Donkey King Country!


Friday 23 March 2018

Javascript GSF Gameboy Sound Format player in CODEF

Once again, Javascripts' hardest worker, Juergen Wothke, has been producing another .JS player library! This time for the Gameboy Advance Sound Format .GSF.

So, please find below, my obligatory CODEF reworking to show a simple implementation of it!

Thanks, and all credit to Juergen Wothke.


Monday 19 March 2018

Share & Enjoy Intro 29 by Scoopex from the Amiga

A few more changes to the last screen I did, with some extra EQ effects, a different sine wave and new logo, and I end up with the SAE Demodisk 29 Intro by Share & Enjoy of Scoopex.

So, it seemed the only decent thing to do! :-)



Sunday 18 March 2018

Share & Enjoy Intro 18 by Scoopex from the Amiga

A few small changes to the last screen I did, and I end up with the SAE Demodisk 18 Intro by Share & Enjoy of Scoopex.

So, it seemed the only decent thing to do! :-)



Friday 16 March 2018

Share & Enjoy Intro 21 by Scoopex from the Amiga

I enjoyed the quick Amiga remake from yesterday, so thought I'd put another one together for you guys to enjoy over the weekend! :-)

I decided to stick with Scoopex, so chose the rather nifty SAE Intro #21 by SAE-SCOOPEX - made a little easier as some elements could be re-used from other SAE screens I'd done in the past.

As always, enjoy my remake!


Thursday 15 March 2018

Scoopex CEBIT 93 Intro

I felt it was time for another Amiga remake, so I found a suitable Scoopex intro I remembered from back in the day! The CEBIT '93 Intro screen - I remember because of the cool C64 remixes used as the soundtrack! 

Using the webUADE player by Juergen Wothke, and some cool CODEF effects - enjoy!


Monday 12 March 2018

Retro NEC MDX music player in CODEF

The work machine that is Juergen Wothke has produced another retro player!
This time the NEC MDX and PDM music file formats can be played on your browser, using this interpretation of his code in CODEF!

These PC-98 / X68000 computers where largely a Japanese phenomenon and few people outside of Japan may ever have heard of them. However for the time the Yamaha sound chips used were actually pretty good.
Using this player you can play the .m and .mdx files found for example on modland.com, and play them on your browser.

As always, enjoy!

Sunday 11 March 2018

Yet another retro music player

Whilst I was working abroad last week, I see that Jurgen Wothke released another retro javascript music player - this time for the NEC S98. So it seemed the only decent that I should quickly get on with the obligatory CODEF reworking as soon as possible! :-)



Saturday 3 March 2018

More retro music players!

Juergen Wothke has been hard at work again, and this time has made a unified player for various old school retro consoles, including Famicom (NES), Game Gear, Game Boy, Hudson Entertainment System, MSX, ZX Spectrum etc.. It is compatible with .NFS, .KSS, .GBR, .GBS, .HES, .AY, .SGC file formats.

This one is called webNEZ, and can be seen working below!


CODEF interpretation of Javascript HES player

The latest Javascript retro music player by Juergen Wothke was released last nigh, so once again, I did the obligatory CODEF implementation on it! :-)

The is a Javascript player for .HES files for the old school Hudson Entertainment System.

As always with Juergens' wotk, the method of use is very simple, and adds to an already huge list of retro old school music players! Enjoy!