Friday 9 October 2015

A new retro inspired screen! The 'VDU' demoscreen by Mellow Man!

Here is my latest screen, the 'VDU' demoscreen, very much inspired by Retro computer stuff from the past - featuring some cool Matt Gray music from Bangkok Knights, and the WEBGL CRT shader fx by Frutbunn!

Simple, but I like it! Enjoy!

NOTE: Already uploaded a bugfix - small issue with EQ now fixed!

FURTHER NOTE: Even though it works fine for me on Chrome, Chromium, Chrome Canary, Firefox, Firefox Developer Edition, Opera & EDGE running on Windows 7 & 10, it DOES NOT work on Safari, IE, and UBUNTU! For you guys, use this URL instead, which removes the WEBGL component which seems to be causing the issue.

Saturday 3 October 2015

The First Amiga Demo by Chaos! (Remade in HTML5 with CODEF)

Another remake for you this evening, this is the 'First Demo' by Chaos from 1989 on the Amiga! Cool tune, simple retro effects, but altogether a nice screen, and well worth a CODEF tribute! :-) Enjoy!

NOTE: iOS sound is supported, although I have been told of some issues with iOS 9 - it works fine on iOS 7 & 8..... 

Ski or Die! by Aurora from the Amiga

I saw a cool cracktro from the Amiga by Aurora for 'Skate Or Die!', and like it so much I thought it was time for an quick 30 minute CODEF remake!

Music using the Future Composer branch of FLOD, and iOS sound support from an MP3!

Friday 2 October 2015

Krabat Intro II from the Commodore 64, remade in HTML5 with CODEF!

I saw this really cool C64 intro by Krabat the other day, so I thought it deserved a CODEF remake, so I did one! Here it is! Enjoy!

Its features some cool .SID music by Matt Gray, from Ark Pandora, and the .MP3 version is available for iOS users too!

Thursday 1 October 2015

SAE Weapon demo from the Amiga! :-)

Yes, I've finished it!! With the invaluable help of AWSM with some "beta testing", I was able to finish off my latest Amiga remake!

The second ever screen I made about two years ago with CODEF was a very loosely based "homage" to this great demo, but I thought it deserved remaking properly!

This one took about 6 days all in to make, in order to get as much of the original recreated as accurately as I could.

A couple of things, the original scroll text was over 20KB, so I've only put about a quarter of the original text in, and also the original had effects on the bob sprites when Joystick #2 was used, I mapped these to the cursor keys in my remake!

Apart from that, I'm very happy with it, so I hope you like it!

BE WARNED - it EATS processor time, so slower machines may struggle in places, but those of you with decent machines should be able to enjoy it!

UPDATE: Now includes iOS audio support!

Another re-remake! Level 16 Fullscreen from The Union Demo on the ST!

Seeing as I'd started on the re-remake thing, I needed a quick fix, and seeing as I'd already recently tidied this screen up to be used as part of my STNICCC2015 Invitro screen, it didn't take much to bring out a nice new re-remake of the Level16 classic Fullscreen demo, part of the legendary ST megademo, The Union Demo! Enjoy!

EDIT: Now includes iOS audio support!!