Tuesday 30 December 2014

SAC cracktro for Eclipse

After seeing Jurgen Wothkes' new player for old YM chip tunes, I decided to make an MS-DOS cracktro remake.... only to find the one I'd chosen had a .MOD as music! Typical! Anyway - here is the SAC cracktro for Eclipse!

The Replicants and TCB

The Replicants and TCBs' cracktro for Weird Dream...
Hope you like it!

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Tiny'R'SID v3 on CODEF!

The author of the awesome Tiny'R'SID has recently released (via his GitHub) an update which fixes playback issues on Firefox, as well as corrects another "bug" which caused some incorrect sound recreations. With this in mind, I have updated the .JS libs on my server, and updated the CODEF "support" for it! :-)

Thanks as always to Jurgen Wothke for his support, and love of the C64 scene!!

Enjoy - http://codef.namwollem.co.uk/newer_SID_player.html

Wednesday 17 December 2014

.BPG Image Format on CODEF!

Hi All!

I've been reading about the new .BPG (Better Portable Graphics) file format, which has several advantages over .JPG, most notably a smaller file size, but WITHOUT the loss of quality.

For more info goto: http://bellard.org/bpg/lena.html and http://bellard.org/bpg/

With this in mind, I wondered how I could get in to work on CODEF, and with the addition of a small decoder script (about 55kb), it can!!

Nothing very exciting, as you can see here... 

( http://codef.namwollem.co.uk/TEST/BPG_CODEF.html ) it does work!

Tuesday 9 December 2014

The (re)remake of the Swedish New Year Demo from the Atari ST!

A year or so ago, with the help of New Core, we made a remake of the SYNC/AN COOL/TCB/OMEGA Swedish New Year Demo from the Atari ST!

The original was spread across six different HTML pages, and was quite cumbersome, and for ages I've been meaning to tidy it up, make it into one page, and finally fix the "white noise" effects (which were, to be honest, pretty shite on my first version)!

I'm now very pleased to present the re-remake! :-) Enjoy!


Friday 5 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

I know, I know, it's a bit early - but I thought I'd get into the Seasonal Swing of it, and post my Xmas 2014 screen - which hopefully will make you smile... maybe! 
Nothing too special, but just a few ideas put together in a kind of retro stylee!! Enjoy!

Monday 1 December 2014

Up Rough - Fleisch Bitte Ad #3 Remake!

Another Compusphere 2014 Entry was the third installment of the Fleisch Bitte ads!

More tongue in cheek silliness! :-)


Up Rough - Fleisch Bitte 2

Another Up Rough release from Compusphere 2014 was the Fleisch Bitte 2 ad. 
Once again, I was asked to do the honours for a web version, so here it is! 

Only a bit of fun - so enjoy! :-)

Original Amiga Code by Nori K
Concept by Spot & Plus8
Graphics by Spot & Plus8
Music by Mortimer Twang

Saturday 29 November 2014

Stuck Somewhere in Time

So, after a successful showing at the Compusphere.se 2014 WILD competition, I am now able to reveal the demoscreen I have been working on since August! :-)

My first "official" Up Rough collaboration, with Titan and Insane - it's the Iron Maiden mega-music-screen - STUCK SOMEWHERE IN TIME! :-)

There are three versions, Megadrive, Amiga, and (my) HTML version! :-)

It's a big demo, with over 20 Maiden songs recreated in MOD, and AHX formats (note: on this HTML version, the AHX tunes are reencoded as MP3s) so the first time you run it, there might be a delay while it all preloads! :-)


It's also listed on Pouet and Demozoo! ;-) Get in!

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Analoque Monster by Desire, on the C64 - released at X-2014!

It's been a few weeks, and I've been very busy working on some stuff for Up Rough, but I took a quick break to do a new C64 remake! 

I was contacted by Sink of Desire to try to do a remake of their newest offering, freshly released for the X-2014 - 'Analoque Monster' - how could I say no?!

With the help of Sink, Daison and Bokanoid from Desire, I was able to get .SIDs and all the original GFX, and even the sin tables to get the best remake I could!!
I hope you enjoy - I certainly enjoying making it! Thanks guys!


Saturday 11 October 2014

Even smaller .SID player code!

Nothing much to add here over my previous .SID player screen, just that by trimming some of the code, and relocating some of it, I've made the HTML element MUCH smaller!

Take a look!


Wednesday 8 October 2014

The Power Demo by The Lost Boys (Atari ST)!

After about three days work, I bring you a remake of the (entire) Power Demo by The Lost Boys, from the Atari ST!!

All four major screens, plus the "big" scroller screen, music selection screen, aswell as "hidden" remake of the "Reset proof" screen! :-)

Press 1 - 4 to choose the main screens, with SPACE returning you to the menu. 
Press B to goto the Big Scroller, and once again SPACE to return.
Press M to select different music.
Whilst in screen one (the 3D screen), press the cursor keys aswell as HOME and END to rotate the object in X, Y, and Z planes. Also pressing Z and X will zoom it in and out!

Finally the "hidden" screen... well, you'll have to find out which key does that! ;-)



Saturday 4 October 2014

Happy Computer Packer from the Atari ST

After making the last couple of ST screens, I decided that rather than using the main page to emulate the Happy Packer, I'd make a .JS lib for this old ST decruncher.... so here is the URL to use, and below it is an example file showing how to use it!

McDonaldland Cracktro remake by The Replicants of The Union (ST)

Hey! It's been a few hours, so here's another ST remake! :-)

This time I chose a nice little screen from The Replicants, and their cracktro to McDonaldland! 

It features some great Mad Max music, some nice bouncing rasterbars, and tracking mouse sprites! Enjoy!


Friday 3 October 2014

The Last Ninja .SID Music Demo

Hi All - with the advent of the new v2 .SID .JS player, I was able to finally get my ass into gear and complete a long incomplete screen I started about a year ago!

This is the Last Ninja .SID Music Demo! All the .SID tunes from the Last Ninja 1,2, and 3!

I originally stopped working on this due to the awesome screen based on the Amiga version of the game done by Totorman and Ayoros of Hemoroids being released - it's been a while now, so I decided to carry on and finish this simple screen, but with so many great tunes inside! Enjoy!


Sunday 28 September 2014

Some ripples effects using 'putImageData'

I have been playing around with some old scripts I have found online, and using some getImageData and putImageData ideas, I managed (after several attempts!) to get a nice ripple effect running in CODEF. Once again, using "Atari girl" and some cool .YM music.... enjoy!


Tuesday 23 September 2014

New version of Tiny'R'SID player, now ported to CODEF!

After some more hard work from Jurgen Wothke, he has released a new smaller and more accurate version of the Tiny'R'SID player, which I have now "converted" to CODEF!


Hope you like! This small "test" screen features three tunes, Noisy Pillars, Zoolook and Arkanoid - all three designed to remind you of how good the .SID chip is/was! :-)

Tuesday 16 September 2014

The Digital Department!

Thanks to Tiny'R'SID creator, Jurgen Wothke, has another .JS lib which brings another music playback routine to HTML5..... the SC68 sound system!

With some assistance from STV/Razor and Jurgen himself, I have converted it to CODEF, and have found a suitable first ST remake to use the lib....

The 'Digital Department' from the legendary B.I.G. Demo by TEX!

The B.I.G. Demo itself has already been remade by NoNameNo (www.wab.com/?screen=23)
but now I bring you the missing Digital section! :-)



Monday 15 September 2014

imageData changes!

After speaking with STV (ex of Razor) about image manipulation - I decided to play around with "getting" and "putting" imageData onto a Canvas, and also modifying the contents.

Here are a couple of the results...


This first one lets you adjust the RGB of the "donor" image!


This second screen creates a cyclic RED flare on the image!

Enjoy! :-)

Elastic Balls!

Just playing around with converting some code I found in JS and CCS into CODEF! Credits for the maths goto the original author! 
Just move the mouse over the "logo" and see what happens!

Saturday 6 September 2014

Obliterator Cracktro by TEX!

After seeing a post in the Facebook Demoscene Group for someone trying to find a particular intro.... which turned out to be this TEX cracktro from the ST for Obliterator...
I hadn't seen it before, so I decided to do a quick (2 hour) remake! :-)

(Besides, it's been a while since I did an ST remake!)

Hope you like!


Thursday 4 September 2014

Old-Skool Flower

I saw an old-skool flower effect recently as part of a 1K JS competition entry, which I thought looked so cool, I had to "borrow" the math calculations, and rework it into CODEF. The original calculations are by Robert Elek, so thank him for the maths! :-)

I added some music, a double dist logo effect and a scrolly - enjoy!

Tuesday 2 September 2014

UP ROUGH Fleisch Bitte remake!

Hey! After a bit of a break - here's another Amiga remake!

This time, it's the recently released Fleisch Bitte screen from Up Rough from the Amiga....
Some very cool music, and as I'm part of the Up Rough team now, it was very easy to get access to the source code and the GFX files! :-)




UADE port comes to CODEF!

Hi again!

After some more hard work by Tiny'R'SID and Web-XMP creator Jurgen Wothke, he has now released a web based UADE player. This plays all kinds of unusual Amiga formats, including Deli-Tracker etc..

With his permission, I have made a CODEF interpretation of it, and using the "Dave Lowe" player, here it is, using the classic IK+ music!


As always, if you like the work done by Jurgen, please see his page for more info!

Monday 25 August 2014

A new .XM player library for HTML5!

Hey, a quick word to promote the new .XM player lib by Tiny'R'SID creator, Júrgen Wothke, called XMP.

I have re-written the implementation for use in CODEF, and selected a pretty cool tune to use!

http://codef.namwollem.co.uk/TEST/XMP/XMP_CODEF.html  - see what you think!

For more info, please goto http://www.wothke.ch/webxmp/ and be sure to DONATE to Júrgen if you like his work, and want him to continue to contribute to the scene! :-)

UPDATE -- I have just updated this screen, using Jurgens' latest library, which is about 30% smaller than the previous one! Also less code is required to make it run!

Sunday 24 August 2014

Up Rough Soundsystem

Hi All!

Just a quick bit of news..... I would have posted this sooner, but I was working in Malaysia, and didn't get any time for using the computer...



I have been recruited by Spot to join the Royal Kings of the Amiga Scene, Up Rough!

Tuesday 12 August 2014


For ages I've wanted to do an old-school Mandelbrot set in CODEF, but (and being completely honest here!) I didn't know how to!

Eventually I found a simple 512byte Mandelbrot .JS script, which took some reworking to get to work in CODEF, but in the end I kept at it, and finally here it is....

....the Mandelbrot CODEF screen! More of an experiment than a screen - but a cool trip down memory lane for me! :-)


Thursday 24 July 2014

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Ghostbusters +6 Cracktro by Hokuto Force from the C64

Another great Hokuto Force C64 Cracktro.... the Ghostbusters +6 intro, remade in CODEF for you to enjoy!

.SID kindly located by Koen Antonissen (AKA Daison)!


Paranoid - Another Lightspeed Intro Remake

Yo yo yo! Here we go again!
It's another Amiga Remake, this time the 'Another Lightspeed Import Intro' by Paranoid (AKA Vector Import Intro).

Saw it, liked it, remade it! :-)



Friday 18 July 2014

TRSI - Our New Crack Intro remake

I fancied doing another Amiga remake, and this time I found a cool TRSI intro....

TRSI's 'FIX' called it "Our New Crack Intro"!


Enjoy! :-)

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Asylum BBS Intro Remake (Amiga)

This morning I was able to finish this one off - I started this screen about three weeks ago before I went to Malta, and havn't been able to get back to it, but was able to get some time this morning, thanks to my kids waking up so early! :-)

Another Amiga remake here, the Asylum BBS Intro from the Amiga!

Once again, the lava effects are not 100%, but it's pretty close  - so maybe this should be a 'homage' rather than a direct remake - but I liked the original, and thought it would be fun to make, and it was!


Monday 7 July 2014

Dynamite Headdy Cracktro for Sega Genesis by Scoopex

Hi everyone! After a few days of CODEF withdrawal, I'm back with a simple screen - nothing too challenging, and not 100% accurate either! ;-)

This is the Scoopex Cracktro for Dynamite Headdy for the Sega Genesis!

Obviously I have no way of ripping the original sound chip music, nor replaying it, so it's an .OGG file "wav'd" from the emulator!

But, you'll get the idea - which I hope you'll like!


Monday 30 June 2014

Fantastic 4 Cracking Group

Well, after a week away, I thought it was about time I did another C64 remake!

It is the Cyberwing Preview by F4CG!

With the invaluable help of Tiny'R'SID creator Júrgen Wothke, I managed to finish the screen this evening! (The screen itself was written about 10 days ago, but I hadn't been able to find the .SID - but luckily I was saved by Júrgen, who supplied the .SID, and 'Ta-Da' (!) the screen is complete!)

Hope you like!


Monday 23 June 2014

Amusing IV by Razor 1911!

Good evening all!

Here is another Amiga remake, this time it's "Amusing IV" by Razor 1911 from the Amiga.

A fairly simple screen, but a great remix tune I always recalled from "back in the day"!


Friday 20 June 2014

Summer 2014 Mini-Mega-Demo

Hey - it's been two weeks since my last release, but don't worry, I have been doing some stuff!

I've been working on a few ideas, including converting an awesome scroll/text routine by Tiny'R'SID creator Jurgen Wothke into CODEF.... it's been a challenge, but now fully working!

I WAS going to use it in my latest screen, but a combination of the text effect and the graphics and the EQ idea I had was just killing the processor, so the scroll idea is on the pile waiting for the next screen, along with some other cool effects I've been doing in CODEF!

But enough about that, let's talk about my latest screen.... it's a mini-mega-demo, to celebrate Summer 2014! It's made up of eight seperate effects/screens, hope you like it/them! Also we have some cool C64 .SID music from TND/Hokuto Force, and my newest 3D creation, a 10x10 EQ cube!


Friday 6 June 2014

C64 Fourier by Singular

A quick remake here, nothing too new, just loved this amazing tune, and the only time I've ever seen a EQ meter on a C64 for a .SID tune....... so I thought it deserved a remake!

Enjoy the C64 Fourier screen by Singular!


Sunday 1 June 2014

Hokuto Force are back again!

Good afternoon!

For this weekends' remake, I bring you the Hokuto Force "Buddha Music Collection #1" from the C64.

Five great .SID tunes for you to enjoy.

The EQ routine used is not 100% as to the original, as I couldn't get a lot of variance with so few colours, but it kind of works! ;-)


Friday 30 May 2014

Anarchy intro from the Amiga!

Well, it seems I was able to make time for another remake today! :-)

Another cool one, with a great Romeo Knight tune... this little intro from the Amiga is by Anarchy!

As always.... enjoy!


Booga Boo by Hokuto Force C64

It's been a quiet couple of weeks, while I have been working on several new things at once, and I kind of missed the quick 'tro remake, so I did one! :-)

Back to the C64 for the Hokuto Force Cracktro for Booga Boo!

Simple, clean and cool! Enjoy!


Friday 23 May 2014

Dunderpatrullen - Keygeneration

After a mental few weeks of almost a remake a day, I took a well needed break!

Although the website for the release of the new album by Retro-scene band Dunderpatrullen, Keygeneration, does feature a mini CODEF old-school intro by yours truly!

You can see it here....   http://codef.namwollem.co.uk/keygeneration.html 

Thursday 15 May 2014

SAE and SCOOPEX - 'Del's Intro' - Amiga Remake

Last night I was able to finish another remake from the Amiga! (What, another one?! :-)  )

This time it's Del's Intro by SAE and SCOOPEX! Nice effects - unusual tune - enjoy!