Monday 21 March 2016 is down

Sad days folks, my good friend Antoine 'NoNameNo' Santo had has his domain hacked and stolen. Which means his website which hosts all the greatest CODEF screens is no longer accessible. :-(

Until further notice, please use instead! :-)

As soon as any further updates on this are available, I will post updates here - also @alonetrio is Antoines' Twitter handle, which he will of course update as required.

UPDATE: It looks as thought the domain is BACK in Antoines' hands! He has just posted THIS...

Friday 18 March 2016

Legacy of Kain Dreamcast Cracktro by Paradox!

After my 4 week break from CODEF, here is another screen... and back to the Dreamcast for another Cracktro this time!

Paradox's Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver.... remade in CODEF for you to enjoy!

B17 Flying Fortress Cracktro by PSI from the Amiga!

After a few weeks away from CODEF - lots of things going on, busy at work etc., I'm back and return with a quick cracktro from the Amiga!

B17 Flying Fortress as brought to you by PSI - Plasma Shadow Inc.

A cool screen, nice text effect, and some mellow music to enjoy - although very old school Soundtracker!! :-)