Saturday 29 August 2015

The Union Demo (in full) - remade in CODEF!

Well, it was obviously going to happen, as you've recently seen me remaking all the individual screens one by one, and now the menu is complete! 

Some of the pics you will have seen before, but now you can access the entire demo, including the Main Menu (with 'Charley') using the cursor keys, and pressing SPACE/ENTER to go thru the doors into the individual screens! (You can also press buttons on the base of the webpage to shortcut to the screens also!).  Enjoy!

This Classic demo remake would not have been possible without the work of the following people:

NoNameNo (who made the awesome CODEF libraries)

Shazz/TRSI (who's GITHUB was a great source for the 3D Models, Sprite Mapping, and 
        intro text effect)
NewCore (who made the TCB 3D Text effects a reality)
The Union (for making this great demo back in 1989 on the ST!)

EDIT: I have just added some fixes for Firefox support - so FF users can enjoy too! :-)



Monday 24 August 2015

The Union Demo – Super-Multiplane-3D-Sine-Distorted-And-Whole-Lotta-Things-More-Scroller by The Carebears

With the assistance of Newcore (who very kindly let me "borrow" his 3D bending text routine) I have also finished the final screen from The Union Demo!

(Newcore made his own version of this screen a while back, but I preferred my method for the fake parallax backdrop, so I added his 3D bendy text routine ontop of the screen I had started work on!)

Enjoy the Super-Multiplane-3D-Sine-Distorted-and-Whole-Lotta-Things-More-Scroller by The Carebears!

TNT Crew Superscroller Screen from The Union Demo!

Here is the TNT Superscroller screen from The Union Demo, remade in CODEF!

I'm working my way thru The (classic) Union Demo if you hadn't noticed, and as it currently stands only one more screen to do, and then the main menu, and then the entire demo has been remade in CODEF.... (admittedly using some 3D objects, and sprite mapping by Shazz/TRSI from his Github source)!

The Wobbly Sprites screen by The Replicants from The Union Demo

Down to the last few screens now! :-)

Thanks to some sprite mapping co-ordinates "borrowed" from Shazz/TRSI GitHub page - I bring you The Wobbly Sprites screen, by The Replicants, part of the might Atari ST classic, The Union Demo!

Once again, no original scrolltext due to the nature of The Union Demo (all screens shared one scrolltext) - but you get the idea! Enjoy! :-)

TNT Crew Vector Screen from The Union Demo

When I first started remaking some of the screens from The Union Demo a couple of years ago, some screens were done by Shazz/TRSI.... which included the TNT Crew Vector Screen (AKA TNT3 screen).... since the final version of the HTML5 Union Demo remake has stopped working.... latest versions of Chrome/Chromium have some changes which stops the entire screen from loading (boo!) - I raided the code of the original (from his Github) to get the 3D details aswell as the texture mapping..... and reworked it on THIS screen!

So just to be clear this screen is 95% by Shazz/TRSI, with about 5% re-done by me, and then the whole screen was remapped to the full ST canvas size!

Saturday 22 August 2015

The Union Demo intro screen!

Although the code of this screen was originally done by 'NoNameNo', it was in a 300x200 canvas, so I resized it to fit the full Atari ST screensize (including borders), and then had to re-grab all the graphics and re-calc the positions.... so I could bring you the (slightly newer!) Intro Screen from The Union Demo!!

The Union Demo Hidden Screen......

The Hidden Screen from The Union Demo, unhidden, and remade in CODEF!!

I'd not done this screen before, so as I was remaking loads of the other screens, I thought I had better not leave this one out! :-)

My re-remake of The Union Demo Disk Copier program!

Carrying on with my Union Demo remake fest - I've re-remade the Disk Copier program which was part of the legend that was, The Union Demo!

Resized to the correct screen format and size, and a few bugs and errors fixed! Enjoy - and just wish that the ST had been able to copy disks this fast! :-)

The Starballs screen from The Union Demo (Atari ST)!

More 'The Union Demo' remake crazy-ness!! This time I bring you the TNT Crew Starballs screen..... remade in 2 hours using CODEF! Enjoy!

Friday 21 August 2015

TCBs' Wow! Scroller from the Union Demo from the Atari ST!

Seeing as I'd started to re-remake some of my old screens from The Union Demo from a couple of years back, I thought I'd try some of the screens I didn't do.... so he is the first.... the very awesome Wow! Scroller by The Carebears!

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Yet another re-remake! Delta Forces' Spher-i-cool Demo!

The re-remakes continue! My third of the day is Delta Forces' 'Spher-i-cool' screen from the legendary The Union Demo!!

Once again, my original from a couple of years back was ok, but needed proper treatment, so here it is.... for the same reasons as in the other Union Demo screens, I havn't included the original scrolltext because of the size of the text, and also that there wasn't any specific text for each screen, the entire demo shared the same text!

A re-remake of the 'Beat Dis' screen from The Union Demo on the ST!

I decided I would (re)remake another of my early screens! This time I thought it would be a good idea to start redoing some of the screens I made a couple of years ago for The Union Demo HTML5 remake by Shazz. 

No I have learnt a few new things, there were a few details which needed 'refreshing' and some minor details to make the screens more accurate to the originals, so while I was at it, I added the option to see this screen in both the 520ST version (with .YM chiptune music and tracking sprites) and the 1040ST version (with DigiSound sample).


Tuesday 18 August 2015

Red Sector cracktro for Speedball (Amiga)

Tonights' Amiga remake fix comes courtesy of Red Sector Inc., and their 1988 cracktro for Speedball, featuring some nice raster splits, and a sweet font! Simple, cool and classic!

Monday 17 August 2015

Desire BBS Amiga Intro remake...

Oh go on then, just one more! The Amiga remake fest goes on.....

Desire BBS (Future Inferno) Intro remake.......  Enjoy! :-)

Dexion WOW Copy Party Intro Screen from the Amiga

Another release from the dim and distant (Amiga) past, this is the World of Wonders Copy Party Intro screen by Dexion.....

Sunday 16 August 2015

Scoopex Intro Disc 22 (Amiga Demo Collection intro)

I fancied doing another Amiga remake this afternoon (the last day of my holidays before I go back to work!) - so I found this very colourful intro by Scoopex, so here you go!

Some cool colour tables, a nice logo, and some bouncing copper bars, with a sin-wavey scrolltext (with under-shadow), as well a quite nice tune (.MOD). Enjoy!

Saturday 15 August 2015

"The Secret Sounds Selection" Amiga Music Disk by Abandon

The Secret Sounds Selection Music Disk by Abandon from the Amiga, brought to you using CODEF, and the HTML5 WEB-UADE player by Jurgen Wothke (AKA Tiny'R'SID).

A great collection of 'Digital Mugician' tunes on a cool music disk, with some nice GFX by Abandon.

Enjoy! :-)

Friday 14 August 2015

X-Men Collection Nr. Zero Intro from the Amiga

I was able to finish another Amiga intro remake today, the X-Men Collection Number Zero intro! One I remember from back in the day - as I always loved the font! 

Enjoy my CODEF remake! :-)

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Factor4 Megablast Rip from the Amiga!

I was in need of a quick CODEF fix, so I found this simple screen from the Amiga from NZ crew Factor4, with the (ripped) music from Xenon 2 Megablast by David Whittaker, so it was a good example for the UADE web player by Jurgen Wothke and some CODEF/HTML5 - and here we go!