Saturday 24 December 2016

The Cuddly Demos

Now, here is a Christmas present for you guys!
Thanks to a great deal of work by Ayoros, Frutbunn, DYNO, New Core, and myself, I'd like to present you THE CUDDLY DEMOS, remade in CODEF!
We've tried to make this as good a remake as we can, and the guys have done some amazing screens, I hope you like this, and enjoy this CODEF-based "hat-tip of respect" to The Carebears! :-)
P.S. I'd also like to send out a quick thanks to AWSM for the awesome SC1224 Monitor overlay he made!
P.P.S. A few issues to be aware of:
1) EDGE does not seem to like some of the formatting of images on a couple of the screens.
2) Firefox has a couple of minor issues with some of the images not being "crisp" enough compared to Chrome.
3) On the iPhone, the SC1224 overlay was causing some issues - although I believe this is now fixed.
4) On the Knucklebuster screen, the digi-routine in the SC68 player does not react to EQ events, so the EQ routine has been "fudged" using some randomisation effects.
5) March 2018 - A new and improved "Hidden" Credits screen has been added, which was written by Frutbunn, and is pretty damn cool! :-)



  2. excellent remake i guess
    really enjoy it