Monday 24 August 2015

TNT Crew Vector Screen from The Union Demo

When I first started remaking some of the screens from The Union Demo a couple of years ago, some screens were done by Shazz/TRSI.... which included the TNT Crew Vector Screen (AKA TNT3 screen).... since the final version of the HTML5 Union Demo remake has stopped working.... latest versions of Chrome/Chromium have some changes which stops the entire screen from loading (boo!) - I raided the code of the original (from his Github) to get the 3D details aswell as the texture mapping..... and reworked it on THIS screen!

So just to be clear this screen is 95% by Shazz/TRSI, with about 5% re-done by me, and then the whole screen was remapped to the full ST canvas size!

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