Saturday 29 August 2015

The Union Demo (in full) - remade in CODEF!

Well, it was obviously going to happen, as you've recently seen me remaking all the individual screens one by one, and now the menu is complete! 

Some of the pics you will have seen before, but now you can access the entire demo, including the Main Menu (with 'Charley') using the cursor keys, and pressing SPACE/ENTER to go thru the doors into the individual screens! (You can also press buttons on the base of the webpage to shortcut to the screens also!).  Enjoy!

This Classic demo remake would not have been possible without the work of the following people:

NoNameNo (who made the awesome CODEF libraries)

Shazz/TRSI (who's GITHUB was a great source for the 3D Models, Sprite Mapping, and 
        intro text effect)
NewCore (who made the TCB 3D Text effects a reality)
The Union (for making this great demo back in 1989 on the ST!)

EDIT: I have just added some fixes for Firefox support - so FF users can enjoy too! :-)



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