Monday 18 June 2018

Medieval Warrior cracktro by Classic and Razor 1911 (Amiga)

Over the weekend I saw a great cracktro by Classic and Razor 1911, for a game called Betrayal. So I spent a lot of time recreating the effects, which are very nice sin waves with rolling colour rasters etc., and a really cool logo fade in/out swap.... I got it all done, and then hit a problem, although I had the music, I could not get the full song to play, for some reason it would only play the first 20 seconds and then loop! I tried new sources for the tune, and the only thing I could have done was rip an MP3 - but rather than bog down the screen with a several MB MP3 file, I went back to the source and found that the cracktro was used for several other games, and those others featured a different music, so I simply changed the scrolltext over and swapped the music, and now it is the crackto remake for Medieval Warrier by Classic & Razor 1911!


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