Monday 11 June 2018

AYUMI chiptune player in CODEF

AYUMI is a javascript emulation of the AY-3-8910 sound chip by General Instruments. 
It was created in C by Peter Sovietov, and then ported to Javascript by chiptune legend Juergen Wothke.
The AY-3-8910 is a 3-voice programmable sound generator (PSG) designed by General Instrument in 1978, initially for use with their 16-bit CP1610 or one of the PIC1650 series of 8-bit microcomputers. 

The AY-3-8910 and its variants became popular chips in many arcade games and pinball machines, and were used on, among others, the Intellivision and Vectrex video game consolesAmstrad CPCOric-1Colour GenieElektor TV Games ComputerMSX and Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128/+2/+3 home computers as well as the Mockingboard and Cricket sound cards for the Apple II family and the Speech/Sound Cartridge for the Radio Shack Color Computer.

I originally used the javascript base by 'alexanderk23', but then revised it to feature the backend implementation by Juergen Wothke, as this fits in better with his other players, and also allows for more formats of tune to be used.

UPDATED: 14/06/2018

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