Sunday 6 May 2018

Chrome 66

In case you have not noticed already: The dumbshit Google idiots changed Chrome's "autoplay policy", i.e. none of your demo pages will be able to automatically play music without some explicit "user gesture" anymore. Actually this concerns already the creation of the "AudioContext": It can no longer be instanciated within some arbitrary context but it MUST be instanciated from within some button's onClick handler, or Chrome will not accept it as "triggered by a user gesture" and they will be created in "suspended" state (a later change to "running" state again can only be triggered from within some onClick handler). 
I don't know when exactly Google activated this shit but version 66.0 (that Google must have slipped onto my PC recently) is certainly the issue, and has appeared over the last 48 hours.🤮🤮th
PS: The problem may not be visible immediately since Chrome is using some braindead heuristics for when to make an exception (e.g. if the page is already in the browser's cache and if it has already played music in the past, etc.).

PPS: Try using Iron instead, as it's basically the same browser, but with more privacy, and less Google crap!

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