Monday 16 April 2018

CODEF version of webZXtune music player

As Juergen Wothke has started to harmonise the older webaudio players he created, I'm now doing the same, and making simple CODEF interpretations of his code, so you can easily play tunes from these classic retro systems!

This is my CODEF version of his SpectreZX (AKA webZXtune) - thanks to Juergen!

ZXTune plays mostly ZX Spectrum tracker formats: Chip Tracker v1.xx (CHI), Digital Music Maker (DMM), Digital Studio AY/Covox (DST), Extreme Tracker v1.xx (ET1), ProDigiTracker v0.xx (PDT), SQ Digital Tracker (SQD), Sample Tracker (STR). (It also supports various packed and archived file formats.)

Bring your own music files by dropping them onto the ZX Spectrum computer.

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