Monday 15 June 2015


After some playing around with some new stuff, and revisiting the imageData manipulation, I have come up with this... the CODEF WEBCAM DEMO!

As the name suggests, it won't do much unless you have a webcam, but it allows you to show the live webcam feed on the CODEF canvas, with various imageData manipulations being carried out on it, like Black & White, Inverse, 4x4, and colour cycling, whilst a 2D CODEF logo dist is applied on the canvas as a new layer, with a soundtrack too! :-)


UPDATE NOTE: Recent updates to Chromium have now rendered this a "security risk" - and viewing the webcam can now only be done either as a 'LocalHost', or over an HTTPS connection. I did host this on Dropbox to get around this problem, but now this is no longer supported, I have purchased an SSL Certificate for my website! (Hence the HTTPS link above!)

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