Saturday 20 June 2015


Who remembers the Red Sector Demo Maker from the Amiga days?
With that in mind, today I made this... The Mellow Man CODEF Demo Maker version 1!


- Load a backdrop (autoscale to fit canvas)
- Load a logo
- Load a dist logo
- Load a tracking sprite image
- Select a 2D or 3D starfield

- Option of 3D 'bob' starfield (load image)
- Change the Dist amount
- Change the number of tracking sprites
- Change the offset between the tracking sprites

- Speed up or Slow down the tracking sprites
- Play a .YM or a .MOD music file
- Add Green, Red or Blue raster bars
- Change the position of the bars (or make them bounce)
- Make the logo bounce

- Copper Bars


 - Choose a font, and enter text for a Horizontalk scrolltext, and change Y position!
 - Adjust Y position for Dist sprite.

 - Add upper, lower, or both Gradients, with RGB sliders to select color choices!
 - Added .SID support (to complement the already supported .YM & .MOD)

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