Welcome to my CODEF Tutorial pages.

Here you will find some tips, tricks and advice on how to make your own CODEF pages.

1) Mellow Mans' guide to CODEF

2) The Basics

3) Creating a canvas

4) Drawing an image from a file

5) Advanced image handling (Part 1)

Advanced image handling (Part 2)

7) Advanced image handling (Part 3)

8) Create a Gradient Background

9) Bounce effect movement

10) Swing effect movement

11) Bouncing Rasters

12) Draw a Starfield (Part 1)

13) Draw a Starfield (Part 2)

14) Draw a Starfield (Part 3)

15) Draw a Starfield (Part 4)

16) Playing Music (Part 1)

17) Playing Music (Part 2)

18) Playing Music (Part 3)

19) Horizontal Scrolltext

20) Vertical Scrolltext

21) Tracking Sprites

22) Our Finished Demo Screen!

23) WebAudio Security Updates


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