Saturday 8 April 2023


Having seen the newest version of the webSID player by Juergen Wothke now supports multiple SIDs for stereo playback & reverb, I thought it best to make the obligatory CODEF version. 

The latest update to webSID includes stereo features. These features should NOT be activated if you are a purist looking for the original C64/SID chip experience!

The original chip outputs *one* mono-audio-signal into which all the SID's three voices are mixed. The only means by which stereo can be produced with the original hardware is by wiring up some non-standard multi-SID configuration.

Unlike the original hardware, WebSid provides voice level stereo panning: This allows to simulate multi-SID scenarios as well as single SID stereo not supported by the original SID chip.


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  1. This has now been updated to include the latest bugfix by Juergen Wothke, which stops an issue causing errors to log in the console (although it didn't affect the performance of the player itself).