Tuesday 21 February 2023

Updated SID player for CODEF

As Jürgen Wothke has recently updated his awesome Tiny R SID player with some new features and additional compatibilities, and I had been working on CODEF versions of some of his players, I thought it might be a good time to updated the CODEF version of the webSID player, so here it is!

NOTE: This new version uses a WASM (web-assembly) file, in addition to the backend, scriptnode processor, as well as an additional ROM.js, all required for correct and accurate recreation of the SID waveforms and unique sound! Enjoy!


  1. The link is broken

  2. The good one http://codef.namwollem.co.uk/TEST/SID_latest/webSID(new).html

  3. Thanks! Apologies, the link has now been updated on the page.