Saturday 23 December 2017

C64 IK Screens GFX Competition

As you may be aware, there has recently been a number of entries on the CSDB.DK website for new graphic backdrops for the Commodore 64 International Karate game....

I decided that in order to continue my "celebration" of the release of the latest version of Tiny'R'SID, I'd link a collection of these graphic screens together, along with the SID version of the great theme tune from the game! I know, I know, kind of lame, but I'm sure no-one will mind an excuse for some cool GFX and a great SID soundtrack! :-)

All Graphics are NOT by me, and any copyright is by their respective original designers.
All Music is NOT by me, and any copyright is by the original author.
Tiny'R'SID is copyright Juergen Wothke.

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