Wednesday 13 January 2016

Daft Punk - Get Lucky

Another C64 inspired screen here.... a couple of years ago KompositKrut made an awesome 8580 SID version of Daft Punks' Get Lucky - which I really wanted to use on a CODEF screen, but sadly the TinyR'SID Javascript engine didn't really support 8580, and the tune sounded awful and out of tune!
Luckily over Christmas, Jurgen Wothke was hard at work, and made a new version of TinyR'SID, which offered new envelope generation, meaning more accurate emulation... and the 8580 SID tunes seem to be much better - at least Get Lucky sounded as it should!

Although there was no actual demoscreen using the music on the C64, on his YouTube channel, KompositKrut envisioned what a demo COULD look like.... so borrowing some of his ideas... here is my "Get Lucky" screen! I hope you like it!
(This version uses the Frutbunn CRT shader for that "old school" C64 effect!)

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