Wednesday 14 January 2015



I saw this awesome looking SID music demo on the CSDB ( and thought the Amiga music remakes on SID were so good, they deserved a viewing in "browser land", so I made the obligatory CODEF remake! :-)

Say thanks to the original authors, Arkanix Labs, and to TinyRSID for making it possible on a browser!

Hope you like it!

P.S. Thanks to some kind words from one of the original authors, and a hint, the (ahem!) hidden tune is now added! :-)


  1. Nice little demo ;)

    Sound emulation is lacking some of the SID sounds/effects, but very impressive that this runs in a webpage. Thanks for doing this. Hope you enjoyed it.

    By the way, there is a tune missing. In the original C64 version, pressing 'u' plays a hidden track!

    aNdy of Arkanix Labs

    1. Thanks aNdy_[AL] - if you can point me to the SID file, I will add it in! :-)

    2. Hi again aNdy_[AL] - I forgot to mention, the reason for the SID effects discrepancy is that some of the tunes you used are 8580 tunes, and the Javascript SID emulator only supports 6580 sounds - so there will be some variances sometimes. I have approached the author of the SID JS routine for an update - but he has no plans to include 8580 support at this time :-(

    3. Thanks for the explanation - hope the 8580 gets supported soon.

      The 'hidden' track is the loader theme from 'Uridium 2'.

      You can download from CSDb:

  2. Great

    Thank you