Friday 9 May 2014

Desire - BouncyBouncy Demo from the C64

Another remake - this time from the C64!

Desire's BouncyBouncy demo - coded by the same guy who did my recent Avatar C64 screen - DAISON!

Hope you like it - it's not a 100% accurate copy, but I tried to get the COS/SIN movements to be as close as possible!

UPDATE: (23/07/2014)

A few changes made:

1) I have sped up all of the bounce movements, as they were all WAY too slow!
2) I have changed the start positions of the three sections, so they look more accurate compared to my first version
3) I have changed something quite important.... I had the two scroll bars moving to the same SIN calc, which was wrong, and have now calculated it seperately using different values... which means the lower scroll is more independent and looks much closer to the original! 4) I've also changed the "decrunch" colour pallette, so it uses the correct 16 C64 RGB values, and not the 9 random colours I'd chosen!

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