Sunday, 6 September 2015

Radical Systems Micro-Mix II from the Atari ST

I remade the original Micro Mix Demo from the ST a while ago now, and always meant to revisit Micro Mix so that I use the same code as a base for Micro Mix II - and now I finally have got around to it!

The major differences in the compared to the original Micro Mix Demo was that you can now select which samples you want to play by pressing F1 thru to F9 (and also F10!), as well as change the speed by pressing 1,2, or 3, and finally reverse the current sample by pressing R!

I hope you enjoy some more ST nostalgia!

UPDATE: Using the new version of 'Howler.js' as a base for this remake, has the added side-effect that it now gives full audio output on iOS devices also! :-)
Once I found this out, I have added physical buttons to simulate the F1-F10,1,2,3, and R keys, so iPhone users can mix the tune themselves also! 

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